Friday, November 5, 2010

Lessons of Darkness

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Lessons of Darkness - 4 out of 5

Director Werner Herzog showcasing the aftermath of the Kuwaitian oil fields following the Gulf War. That's Lessons of Darkness. The film is NOT a documentary but rather an artistic film shown from the perspective of an alien, unfamiliar with what occurred. Herzog shows landscapes that--even to viewer--looks foreign and surreal. He would later use this formula for his film The Wild Blue Yonder and this film almost seems like the testing ground for this type of film.

I'm a big fan of Herzog and his work. He has a unique artistic view (albeit a seemingly pessimistic view) of the world that surrounds us and I find that fascinating. This film, more than anything else he's done, perfectly flaunts the unique take Herzog takes when making movies. And, most of all, he creates art--not cheap entertainment that many directors in the biz are obsessed with...*cough--Michael Bay--cough*

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