Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Game

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The Game - 4 out of 5

It's been awhile since I've seen The Game. In fact, I thought about the film when I first saw the trailer to the sequel to another Michael Douglas movie, Wall Street. In the trailer, Douglas tells the stuttering buffoon named Shia Labeouf about how money is the name of the game and I commented, in my best Michael Douglas impression as I riffed the trailer, that The Game was a far superior movie than what this would turn out. It was at that point I realized I hadn't seen The Game in some time. So I took a trip to my local library and picked it up.

It's just as good as the first time I saw it.

A griping thriller from one of Hollywood's greatest directors; David Fincher, that showcases Michael Douglas in one of his best roles. On the surface, Douglas looks to be playing the same character he portrays in many of his movies: a successful businessman. However, as the story and terror of what the game is, Douglas really lets his acting flag fly as you are sucked into the movie as you watch his paranoia grows and you, the viewer, begin to question whether what is happening to him is real or not.

While the story has an ending that wasn't very surprising, the film is entertaining enough that the ending doesn't ruin the entire experience. The only real down point was a pointless romantic subplot that is tagged on at the very end. This is just awkward but doesn't hurt the film as it is tagged on in the last 2 minutes. Granted there is some build up between Douglas and Deborah Kara Unger (the love interest and a key character who is involved in the game) but with all the suspense the film builds up, this feels like a complete waste and is nearly pointless in the film.

This one complaint isn't enough to hurt the entertainment the film delivers nor is the few moments where the story drags slightly. The Game is just an all around great thriller that, despite a predictable ending, really keeps the viewer on edge as they watch the madness unfold before them.

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  1. Anything David Fincher touches turns to Cinematic gold. The man is just a fucking godsend.


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