Sunday, November 7, 2010

Galaxy of Terror

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Galaxy of Terror - 3 out of 5

Have you ever seen a movie where a worm rapes a woman to death? In this movie you can!

Cheesy B-Movie action and silly story and you have yourself a Roger Corman classic! And the worm rape scene is just the icing on the cake that transformed this movie from a horrible piece of shit into a hilarious piece of shit!

This movie is in NO WAY a good movie but with a lame story, hilarious sound effects and mediocre acting make this a really fun movie to sit and make fun of. The title alone is enough to laugh at because it's a little grandiose for the film. But then again, the title A Specific Building within a Designated Planet within a Galaxy that could or could not be the Galaxy of Terror is too long.

The movie follows a group of space travelers who find themselves in an installation on a planet that brings a person's fears to life. In typical fashion of a sci-fi/horror movie, the majority of the characters are killed off one by one in ridiculous fashion (all of them bloody) before the hero and villain face off in the end. That's about it. Nothing special...except a raping worm. The reason I keep mentioning this worm rape sequence is because it was what actually made the movie get noticed. The film had little to no fan fare when it was released in 1981 but this scene caused a little commotion with those folks at the MPAA and turned an otherwise forgettable, direct to video film, into something worth taking notice. Not that I'm saying this movie is worth watching for this scene or that the scene is in any way provocative or entertaining, rather it was just an obvious trick to make people take notice to a movie that would otherwise go ignored. But the quality you would expect from a worm raping a woman is the quality you get in this film...pure hilarity.


  1. I remember watching this movie as a teen and thinking "WTF?!?!?", still, it was interesting enough to captivate my attention for the entire movie.... honestly, it really freaked me out at the time and I have since had brief stints of anxiety peppered with snippets of scenes from that movie... one of them being the "worm-rape-scene" (Was that Joanie Cunningham?) the other being a whacky glass room of some sort. At any rate, perhaps I have matured enough now after 25 years to once again view this little treasure of a B movie without wanting to crawl into a corner with my blanky, quietly rocking and muttering "....Mommmy.....". Thanks for putting up your review - I'm glad to finally have the name of this movie that has taunted me for years! Amy Mossman-Schmidt

  2. Taaffe O'Connell was actually the woman who was raped by the worm. Also, according to DVD commentary, the MPAA demanded the scene be toned down in order to get an R-rating because, apparently, it was far more graphic and Taaffe's moans were far more sexual.


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