Friday, November 5, 2010

Child's Play 3

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Child's Play 3 - 3 out of 3

Quite possibly the worst film of the series and, in being so, one of the funniest.

Andy (the survivor of the previous films and Chucky's arch-nemesis) is sent to military school and Chucky is quick to follow to finish off the job he wasn't able to finish in the last two films. Once again, this movie follows the very simple horror film movie sequel formula but, oddly, when a franchise gets to the third film, the formula changes because a new victim(s) is chosen. This film doesn't do this as, once again, Chucky is out for Andy's blood.

In this film, Andy is much older and no longer played by Alex Vincent (who did a fantastic job in the last two films despite both his age and all together terrible movies that the other two were) but is now played by what looks like a young, male-version of Maya Rudolph. Justin Whalin, other than looking like the SNL cast member, is an incredibly annoying actor who spends most of the movie pouting at the camera than actually acting. It felt like he was trying to get on the cover of the next Tiger Beat by starring in a horror film. But the bad acting doesn't stop at Whalin, in fact this movie is just littered with terrible acting. Is this really a surprise, though? I don't think so. Like the previous films, the only highlight is Chucky and the man behind the doll who provides the voice; Brad Dourif (The Wild Blue Yonder). Once again Dourif delivers like no one else in the franchise with his terrific acting.

No surprises, no spectacle--just your typical, cliche and generic slasher/horror film. There's nothing creative or special going on here (besides Dourif). But, just like the last two films, this movie is very unintentionally funny and THAT'S the reason I watch these pieces of crap. It's funnier than most comedies.

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