Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sons of Anarchy Season 2

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Sons of Anarchy Season 2 - 5 out of 5

Hands down, the 2nd season of this FX show about the hellions of SAMCRO, is better than the first season. Although the first season establishes the characters, the club and tone of the show, it also suffered from a story that felt like it was wandering or meandering about until a true direction was scrounged up. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first season, however, this season was a definite improvement as the story is stronger and built upon a very solid foundation.

All the stuff that made the first season so entertaining still remains, as well. The great characters continue to entertain as SAMCRO makes a life for their club in Charming and all the great side characters are here as well. One thing I really enjoy about this show is the fact that each member of the motorcycle club gets screen time, actually has a part to play and has their own side stories. So rare is it to see such care taken with side characters.

The acting is fantastic (especially Ron Perlman as Clay) and the evolution of Jax and Gemma makes for some really addicting TV. And hats off to Charlie Hunnam (Jax) because there is a definite improvement in his acting. While he wasn't terrible in the first season, he sure wasn't spectacular either. However, this season he and Katey Sagal (Gemma) really knock it out of the park--and it really helps when their characters are experiencing some very intriguing things. The thing that kind of let me down (not a lot, but only slightly) was the seemingly less screen time of Dayton Callie (Chief Wayne Unser). First off, Callie is a great actor who has appeared in one of my all time favorite shows; Deadwood. While Callie is still present in this season, he doesn't seem to have as large a presence as he did the last season. But this absence is easy to overlook when this season saw a guest starring appearance from one of the coolest motherfuckers to ever walk the earth, Henry Rollins.

All in all, this season really raised the ante from beginning to end, making this a very addicting season. (I stayed up wayyyy tooo late some nights saying to myself "just one more episode.") Can't wait till the next season arrives on DVD.


  1. What'd you think of the Deputy Chief dying on the first episode of Season 3?

  2. Paul...I haven't seen any of the third season yet.


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