Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Simpsons Season 20

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The Simpsons Season 20 - 2 out of 5

Fox, in their infinite wisdom, decided that they should skip Season 14 through 19 and release Season 20 on DVD. Why? Because Season 20 is the first season of The Simpsons to be broadcast in High Definition.

Honestly, who cares?

The animation on The Simpsons isn't spectacular to begin with. It's basic and serves its purpose. Not to mention the show makes use of only primary colors, so the decision to broadcast the show in HD doesn't actually provide more entertainment to a show that has long ago fallen deep into the chasm of obscurity. I realize there still are plenty of hardcore fans of The Simpsons but we need to face it, the show is no longer the well written work of art it use to be. Sentimental treatment of their characters have long ago been replaced with recycled jokes (and this season recycles A LOT of jokes. In fact, you'll see one joke reused only a few episodes down the line with different ingredients. It's like watching Dane Cook in animated form.) and zany stories and plots that do more to insult the audience than entertain it. Even Simpsons veteran voice actor Harry Shearer has long ago (in Season 9) voiced his disapproval of the route the show took.

The episodes have become pure garbage. Jokes, for the most part, are characters being stupid or Homer getting hurt. Occasionally, the writers come up with a really brilliant gag but you're lucky to get even one of these miracles a disc in this season. This is just sad...but it gets worse. The only episode that show any real promise, was a single episode in the middle of the season where Moe finds a girlfriend. The episode is equipped with solid jokes, a great story and, unlike the rest of the season, a coherent plot with no pointless B-story that clogs every other episode. This particular episode even ends on a very sweet note that is reminiscent of the quality of writing one sees on Futurama; Matt Groening's far more superior show.

It is such a tragedy to see a show that I once held in such high esteem to become a sad parody of its original self. There's no hope that it can ever return to its former glory. It's time to cancel this show.

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  1. The Simpsons, animation-wise, has greatly evolved over the years, despite the fact that the style is fundamentally basic.


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