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Saved! - 3 out of 5

As an atheist, anytime there is some form of media that pokes fun at the religious zealots of the world, I'm on-board. And this movie is witty and very funny as it makes fun of Christians. However, there are a couple things that work against it that keeps it from being truly great.

For the most part, the cast is fantastic. Macaulay Culkin really stands out and so does the film's star Jena Malone. However, one really low point of the cast is Mandy Moore. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of her work and, for the most part, she is actually quite decent in her part but there are quite a few times where she overacts to the max, and it gets annoying. Another low point in the cast is Weed's star Mary-Louise Parker. As usual, her acting feels phoned in but, thankfully, she doesn't have many scenes.

As far as writing, this movie is fantastic. It's witty, intriguing and filled with drama...however, sometimes the drama feels too heavy especially when a lot of the film is light hearted and humorous. While this drama is expected when having a story that is both about religion and high school. However, if both the humor was balanced with this drama, the rating might have jumped to a four.

Finally, the end of this movie seems to take a step back from its religion bashing as it delivers the message that god loves everyone no matter what you are and we need to be as one. This is all fine and good but the ending made this message feel tacked on, like the writers were trying to say, "We don't hate religion. See, we believe god loves everyone." One again, if there was more balance in the drama and humor department, this ending may not have been distracting.

Overall, this is a fun movie but lacks the certain magic to make it a GREAT movie.

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