Thursday, October 28, 2010

Orca: The Killer Whale

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Orca: The Killer Whale - 2 out of 5

What happens when a little movie about a killer shark goes on to make a lot of money and become an instant classic? Well, other filmmakers will try to imitate and others try to dominate. Domination was the intent with this little film about a killer whale out for revenge on the fisherman who killed its mate and child.

Two years after Jaws scared us away from the beach, this little gem hit the theaters because the writer (Luciano Vincenzoni) wanted to outdo Steven Spielberg's masterpiece but the only thing they could come up with that was more threatening than a great white shark was a killer whale. The movie very obviously tries to get the viewer to believe that this orca is the more threatening of the two by basically (and constantly) stating that this type of whale is the most intelligent and most dangerous creature on the face of the planet. There is even a scene where the orca kills a great white...very subtle.

Even more amusing in this movie--more so than the showdown between the orca and the fisherman--is the sad attempt at having a story. This movie takes itself WAY too seriously and, in doing so, actually works against itself by making the film something to laugh at. And that's the only redeeming quality this movie has--the fact that you can laugh out loud watching this silliness is why this movie is worth a viewing.

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