Saturday, October 2, 2010

Moral Orel Season 3

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Moral Orel Season 3 - 5 out of 5

After the dark ending of the 2nd season, the serious tone is carried over through out the 3rd season as the show dives into the disturbing pasts of the citizen of Moralton taking place during the time before the events of the final episode of the previous season.

The technical aspects of the show remain the same high quality but seem to get even better as the characters of the show seem to display real emotion. This season also incorporates incredible music selections that showcase the depressing nature of this season. This is extremely evident in the first episode entitled "Numb." The episode contains a track from the band The Mountain Goats called No Children that shows the loveless marriage and unhappy family that has developed in Orel's household. This scene is even more powerful as it is shown entirely through the eyes of Orel's father.

The jokes become few and far between as the show takes this very serious turn but in the end, I didn't feel robbed by this. I actually found myself enjoying this season more than any other season.

Finally, being the last season of the show, I applaud [adult swim] for allowing the creators of the show to give a true, wrapped up ending to the series. I hate it when a show is canceled and storylines are left dangling in the wind. And this series has one of the best endings I've ever seen in a show. Despite the sad, downtrodden and weary tone the show had this season, the last moments are very uplifting as you see, despite the insanity of his youth, that Orel grows up to be a happy, responsible adult.

An absolutely fantastic end, to an absolutely fantastic show!


  1. I really think Moral Orel is a work of art, and season three is certainly one of the most disturbing, endearing, and beautiful things I've seen on television.

    I'm trying to get signatures for my DVD petition, as brilliant episodes like "Nature", "Numb", "Grounded", etc. have still yet to see a DVD release.

    Spread the word!

  2. I agree Dominic, there really should be a DVD release.

  3. Season 3 broke my heart. I just watched it all today ( downloaded from iTunes because I'm hoping some money will go to Dino S. and the rest of the team) there was a comment on Jezebel that referred to it being sad and my interest was piqued, having seen a few episodes of the first season. I'm really affected by watching it all within two days and am surprised not to find more commentary about it on the Internet. Some of the season 3 episodes really feel like short plays and the "acting" of the characters is excellent.

    I see this show as something that will be rediscovered by viewers like me. I'm so relieved that the show has a happy ending after tearing up a lot through it. Literally, the only joke in season 3 comes from Orel not understanding that Stephanie likes girls.

  4. Exactly Heather, the show explored new ground by taking a format usually reserved for humor (claymation) and took it in a direction both serious and thought-provoking.

  5. I fully agree with your review, I loved the third season. But unfortunately the sad truth is that [as] asked Dino Stamatopolous (spelling?) to make Season 3 as dark as he could. When he brought them the first episode, "Alone", they were too depressed and cut it down to 13 episodes and cancelled the series. I wouldnt applaud the executives on that decision.

    1. I'll applaud for the simple fact the series actually got to be closed up. There's been so many shows I've enjoyed that have been taken off the air with no closure, so when I get a show that is cancelled but allowed to at least close their story arc, I'm thankful for that.


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