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Heavyweights - 1 out of 5

WOW! What an utter piece of crap that can only be appreciated by 10 years olds. But when you have a story about a fanatical leader taking over a fat camp made by Disney, the fact it is shit shouldn't be surprising. When this movie came out, I remember enjoying it but watching it now, I realize this was just typical, bottom of the barrel entertainment that Disney is notorious for with their live action features. The acting is weak, the jokes are not funny and every kid is just a generic fat kid with no real character. In fact, I couldn't even tell you any of their names because how one dimensional they are. The story itself is lazy and actually has the feel of two stories--neither one particularly developed--smashed together to make one clumsy movie.

The movie starts with the first story about a crazed diet fanatic (played by Ben Stiller) taking over Camp Hope, a fat camp. The kids are put through hell before they revolt and take over. It's at this point the second story starts where the fat camp takes on the sports camp in an athletic rally. Needless to say, the fat kids win but this part of the movie feels tacked on because the main story wasn't long enough. And how many times have we seen a camp movie that ends with the big tournament being won by the underdogs? Too many times if you ask me.

The only real highlight of the movie is Ben Stiller who offers the only chuckles this movie can muster. And sadly, his funny scenes are few and far between.

Pixar has proven that they are the only ones in the Disney family who are capable of providing entertainment that can be enjoyed by adult and child at the same time. For the protection of your sanity, if you are over the age of 15, never view this movie. If you have fond memories of this movie from when it came out, keep those as memories and NEVER revisit this film. Your intelligence will thank me.

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