Monday, October 11, 2010


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Fuel - 4 out of 5

If you're an environmentalist or even care about the environment a little and hope to see the end of fossil fuels and the installation of clean, renewable energy, then there is a chance you've already seen this documentary. If you either just don't care about ending our dependence on fossil fuels or you believe it's not something to worry about because you either work or (more mysteriously) believe what the oil companies say, you'll NEVER watch this documentary.

This doc is another film highlighting our need to end our dependence on oil and start cleaning up this world and it SHOULD be something everyone should see but it just won't because, as Americans, we have this sense of entitlement where we actually believe we are supposed to have everything we want our way and that change is NOT a good thing. Even if that change means helping out the planet and living on cheaper, cleaner energy.

This documentary is really well made and, like many on this topic, brings to light all the positives that can come from being a greener society and how many European countries are heading down the green path at a very fast pace. The only real downfall of this movie is a lot of numbers are thrown at you and a lot of statistics (which is normal for documentaries) that makes it feels more like your are doing research for a term paper, than watching a documentary. This really isn't a bad thing because it provides evidence for their argument but it does tend to make the film drag and preventing from being a REALLY good environmental documentary like GasLand.

All in all, though, this movie makes some great arguments about how we need to start showing responsibility for our planet and I highly recommend watching and FORCING someone who lives a wasteful life to watch it.

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