Thursday, October 14, 2010

Barton Fink

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Barton Fink - 4 out of 5

I am a big fan of the Coen brothers. Their writing is unlike any others in the business and this movie, sadly until now, I haven't seen. However, what I found was something just as magical and creative as every other piece of work these two have done.

The story is excellent as we see John Turturro struggle and lose his mind as writing block sets in as he is pulled away from writing plays in New York and gets to see the glam and glitz that is Hollywood in the 1940's. John Goodman co-stars and, as usual in a Coen brother's movie, he delivers like no buddy's business. This film also have a plethora of fantastic side characters that help drive this movie. Steve Buscemi as the bell hop Chet is one of those great characters.

As usual with the Coen brothers' pictures, the wit and dark humor is derived from their terrific characters and very engaging stories. And, just like their other work, the editing and camera work is second to none. One of my favorite scenes is, without a doubt, when Goodman is running down the hall of the hotel he and Turturro stay in as each room goes up in flames around him. It's a beautifully done scene that just illustrates the talent these two brothers have.

Like all other Coen brothers' movies, this movie is just plain great.

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