Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - 4 out of 5

Video game adaptations are ALWAYS hit or miss. Uwe Boll set the standard for the video game adaptation and he set it really REALLY low. Let's face it, Mortal Kombat was okay, Street Fighter sucked. Super Mario Bros. could give you cancer if you viewed it too much. The Resident Evil series is a joke and Max Payne actually had me wondering if it was SUPPOSE to be a comedy. However, I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed Prince of Persia. Every since the Sands of Times story arc started in the game franchise on the original X-box, I've been a fan of the games and really found the spirit of the games captured in the movie. There's even a bunch of nods and winks to the game series for the fans that I particularly enjoyed. Like the wardrobe taken directly out of the games for Prince Dastan and "instructional" camera work as the Prince saw what his next challenge was. The story is solid and with good editing, music and other great technical work, the movie comes together quite well. When you add decent acting, a good cast, excellent action and awesome special effects, the movie proves to be quite an entertaining ordeal. My only real complaint is so minor that I shouldn't mention it...but I will. I was hoping we would see the dagger of time display other time altering powers like it had in the games. For example, pausing time or even speeding time up but using it only to reverse time was essential to the story, so this complaint didn't stop me from enjoying the film. Finally, I'm not gay but Jake Gyllenhaal is one pretty man and I was quite jealous of his abs in this movie. That's right, I'm ending this review on a homoerotic note!

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