Sunday, September 19, 2010

Piranha (1995)

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Piranha (1995) - 3 out of 5

For the most part, a shot for shot remake of the original 1978 movie that even goes as far to recycle footage from its original counterpart. Also, just like the original, this movie is just plain silly fun that even steps up the humor a little more than the first one. This film also amps up the nudity. Nothing ridiculous like the gratuitous nudity in Gamer but when you compare the shots of breasts in the original compared to this one...well, you got a lot more boobs to look at. And when you add the nudity and silliness together, you got a fun movie to watch but the icing on the cake on this remake is the cast. Believe it or not, the Greatest American Hero is the star in this one as William Katt takes over for Bradford Dillman as Paul Grogan and plays the part quite well. This movie also has a young Milas Kunis and Punky Brewster herself, Soleil Moon Frye. And they're about as good as you would assume them to be. If you assume they are barely passable in their roles, then you are correct. But never is there a point the acting is bad enough to take you out of the movie, in fact, the acting is bad enough to keep you watching and entertained. Let's face it, sometimes bad acting is VERY fun to watch...and sometimes it isn't. (I'm looking at you Sam Worthington.) If you've seen the original, not much is changed except for a few story addictions but the use of recycled footage makes for an amusing film as it often creates a bunch of continuity errors for the keen eyed viewer to laugh at. Like the original, this movie is perfect for a "bad movie night" with some friends.

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