Monday, September 13, 2010

Lightning Jack

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Lightning Jack - 3 out of 5

Not long ago, this movie popped in my head while I was watching Crocodile Dundee and, to my horror, I found that Netflix doesn't have it. Things got worse when I discovered that my local library ALSO, did not have it. After much looking, I eventually chased down a copy and forgot how fun this movie was. This isn't an award winning comedy but it's a good popcorn movie. Paul Hogan and Cuba Gooding Jr. work well together and this movie makes me miss Hogan. To be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing him make another appearance on the Hollywood radar. Side Note: If you like Paul Hogan, I suggest you check out Strange Bedfellows. That movie is fun and witty and all around entertaining. It is also the movie that I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry stole their story from...and stole it poorly. Lightning Jack is a charming movie that has a fun story but won't challenge you like other films. And sometimes, that's not a bad thing.

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