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Life - 5 out of 5

Now I need to clarify that the version I watched was the original BBC broadcast narrated by David Attenborough and not the American broadcast version narrated by Oprah. Although I watched the American version, I felt compelled to watch the BBC version because--let's face it--David Attenborough is the quintessential wildlife documentary narrator. And he proves it once again with his witty and informative writing on Life.

I am a big fan of nature documentaries. When I watch them, I always learn something new and they tend to fill me with child-like wonder and awe. This special doesn't fail to once again bring that feeling back as I was nearly blown away by the amazing camera work. Shots never before seen in the world of nature documentaries were what filled each 58 minute episode. And to top it all off, it was filmed entirely in HD.

To make this series even better, every episode ends with a short segment showing how some of the most difficult shots were achieved and, in some instances (like the Plants opening) were created for dramatic effect. It is almost educational overload...but in a good way.

This series is, in a word, beautiful.

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