Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The God Who Wasn't There

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The God Who Wasn't There - 5 out of 5

Brilliant, albeit short, documentary that poses the question did Jesus really exist. First off, let me emphasize that I am a very proud atheist who long ago denied the existence of God and has since lived a much happier, and far more ethical life without the hypocrisy and hatred that exists within organized religion. That being said, I will admit I am very bias to this film. However, going in, I have always believed that Jesus was a real man (although, I believe he is history's greatest con artist) however, this documentary made me question if I was right in that assumption. I already knew that at the time Jesus supposedly existed, there were literally hundreds of other people claiming to be the messiah and thousands more who existed BEFORE Jesus. I also knew that many of the stories of Jesus were "lifted" from other religions. A practice much more common than people realize. But as the documentary began to dig into the requirement found in mythical heroes, we begin to see parallels to the story of Christ. Even more shocking was the evidence in the very Bible, that questions the existence of Jesus and the lack of mentioning of some of the man's "miracles" by the Bibles most famous authors; Matthew, Mark, John and Paul. Paul even goes as far to state in one of his letters that Jesus didn't ACTUALLY exist and existed only in a metaphoric realm. The doc also brings up the questions of the amount of time that passes between the supposed events of Jesus' life and when they were written. The documentary brings many many experts in to support the evidence that Jesus didn't exist including those who BELIEVE in the teachings of Jesus. This documentary has believers saying Jesus didn't exist. Even more amazing is the documentary is written, produced and narrated by a former believer who began to question the word of God. I admire this documentary not only because it was well put together with concise and educated arguments but because it openly criticizes Christianity and its believes. Something Christians believe they are above. However in this day and age, Atheism and Agnostics are quickly becoming the majority and the days of "believe this or else" with Christianity is quickly coming to an end. But then again, like I said, I'm bias.

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