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FreakyLinks The Complete Series

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FreakyLinks The Complete Series - 2 out of 5

A short-lived paranormal show that aired on Fox for only 13 episodes. To my knowledge, it hasn't been released on DVD but Amazon has it offered and will notify you when it is available. Will it become available? I doubt it. I had to search the internet to watch all the episodes online. I never watched it when it came out except for the pilot and now, after watching the entire series, I realize WHY it was canceled.

If you read viewers' reviews of this show, the phrase "ahead of its time" is used but I don't think ANY time was right for this show. Now, I'm a skeptic by nature and don't believe in the paranormal but I LOVE paranormal shows because that subject material is just good fiction. However, if you do a show about the bizarre and strange, you need good writing to back it up and this show lacks big time in the writing department. Most shows center around individuals who were mutated somehow and this happens sooooo often that I often wondered if I somehow tripped and stumbled into a bad comic book. The supernatural creatures found on this show were so lame, it took me right out of the show. There was even an episode with a thing called the Skunk Ape. A stinky Sasquatch? Mulder and Scully are shaking their heads. To further show the poor writing, episodes are often resolved in a matter of moments where the main actor (Ethan Embry) makes a wild jump to a conclusion that ultimately ends up being right despite he had absolutely no evidence to make such a wild leap in logic. Each episode spends wayyyy too much time on the FreakyLinks crew goofing around and "being buddies" than worrying about developing the episode's story. Even after Ethan makes his wild conclusion on, and I have to say this again, NO EVIDENCE, the next 3 minutes of the show is filled with wrapping up the story (which is expected) but then we have to suffer through more of the FreakyLinks crew goofing around and joking in a manner that is so over the top, I expected every episode to end in a freeze frame of them high fiving.

Now, even though the writing sucks, sometimes you can have poor writing overpowered by powerful acting. Not in this case. If I didn't know any better, I would swear that the creators of the show actually INSTRUCTED the actors to over act. Everyone from the stars to the extras and side characters, no one delivers their lines in a convincing way or act in any way that looks real. And, to further show the bad acting and the poor writing, none of the characters you see in this show are in anyway deep or realistic. Everyone is one dimensional. And the show mystifies me when it comes to the characters is the way the FreakyLinks crew acts towards their investigations. You think a group who investigates the strange and bizarre (like a stupid Skunk Ape. Really, why a Skunk Ape?) they would have a open mind to the possibility of what the people claim. You would think but no. In fact, in most episodes, the FreakyLinks crew often makes fun of these people and the claims they make. WHAT?!? That makes no sense. You think individuals who have seen a Skunk Ape wouldn't laugh at a guy who has seen a desert squid.

And then there is the technical aspects of the show. A majority of the series was filmed in first person, hand-held camcorders because the show was created by the man who created the smash success, The Blair Witch Project. That element is unique to the show but often feels tacked on and does little for the story or plot. And sticking with the camera, this show is very VERY fond of the shot where the camera is circling the actor. In fact, it happens so often, you should drink every time you see it. It almost feels like the camera man just learned this trick and was able to convince the director in every episode that this shot was "essential."

And finally you need to deal with the terrible special effects and the god awful music that is in every episode. I realize there was, most likely, limitations with the budget but the bad special effects will take you out of the episode very quickly. And the terrible generic rock music from bands (they even sell the bands before the credits) that you've never heard from again...and it's easy to figure out why. On the topic of bad music, listen to the show's opening theme and see if you have the strength to continue watching.

I know it sounds like I'm nitpicking this show but it was really that bad. But when I compare it to far superior shows that dealt with the supernatural, this show feels like I'm being served bologna when I asked for a steak.

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