Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dexter Early Cuts

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Dexter Early Cuts - 3 out of 5

Okay, now this isn't even on DVD but I watched the episodes online and felt I had to review them. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, Dexter Early Cuts was a twelve part animated series of some of Dexter's early kills (all taking place before the first season of the show). Basically an animated prequel of the popular Showtime show.

First off, the animation is very good. The episodes are animated in the 2.5D style (2D animation moving in 3D spaces). It's basically the style that animated comics are presented in. If you don't know what an animated comic is, that's fine. It doesn't seem to be taking off. But if you're curious, check out Watchmen: The Complete Animated Comic. It's worth it. Sadly, some of the character designs, in my opinion, don't really look like their real life counterparts. Deb REALLY doesn't look like herself and occasionally, Dexter doesn't look like he's supposed to. Michael C. Hall does lend his voice to the character, so the poor character design isn't enough to take you out of the episode but without Hall's facial expressions and physical acting we've come to know and love from the live action show, he does come off kind of flat in his delivery.

Being a webseries, the episodes are short (a little over a minute each). That gets quite annoying watching them online when you have to take into account you have to watch a commercial before every episode. And sometimes, the commercial feels longer than the episode. And when it comes to story, there isn't much meat on the bone there either. Sure the episodes offer us origin stories of how Dexter got his boat and why he started collecting blood samples from his victims as trophies but ultimately, after watching all episodes, I wondered to myself, "Was there really a need for these origin stories?" Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed these webisodes but not nearly enough as a live action episode.

Even more curious about the show was the foul language being bleeped out. I didn't view these on Showtime's website and that might be the reason. But I don't know for sure if there is unedited episodes out there. But the bleeping brought up some great commentary about us as Americans. Now these episodes have violence and blood in them...a lot of blood. Neither the violence or the blood are censored but the language is. Why is it that violence is okay but if someone drops a F-bomb, that must be beeped out?

Anyway, this webseries doesn't match up to the quality of the live action show but offers a glimpse into Dexter's past and delivers some mild entertainment. It's like an appetizer and the show is the meal.

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