Sunday, September 19, 2010

Casual Sex?

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Casual Sex? - 1 out of 5

Netflix recommended this movie to me (based on what, I don't know) but curse them for doing so because; Number 1) they don't even have the DVD, you have to put it on your Save Queue and Number 2) this movie was funny at all, so why call it a comedy? This movie wasn't funny at all! In fact, it was pointless. After it was over, I asked myself 'why did I waste my time watching this piece of crap?' The only thing that was worthwhile about this movie was getting to see Victoria Jackson and Lea Thompson's naked rear ends. But I could have looked that up online and saved myself the 97 minutes I lost from this movie. To make matters worse in this movie, and it actually makes me wonder if the film makers did this to TRY and get the viewers to leave the theaters or turn off the VHS (yeah, VHS, this movie is from 1988) they put Andrew Dice Clay as the romantic interest for Lea Thompson. Who would actually believe that this would happen? Now, I understand when this movie can out, Andrew's comedy was "in" and "edgy" but seeing him in this movie is the equivilant of how filmmakers put Dane Cook in movies now. Just because someone gets fifteen minutes of fame, doesn't mean you have to put them in a movie.

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