Sunday, September 19, 2010

200 Cigarettes

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200 Cigarettes - 3 out of 5

For a couple of years now, this movie has been recommended to me by peers and, since Netflix doesn't have it, I haven't watched it but I was able to get a copy of it and finally got to check it out and found a movie that really doesn't do anything wrong but never really hits a home run either. First and foremost, the cast is filled with very talented people and the soundtrack is one of the best I've ever heard. And even more impressive with the cast is that it is an ensamble and no actor is given more attention than the other. The only real downfall this movie had was the painful scenes involving Kate Hudson. Now the movie is witty and offers great characters going through great separate stories that all come together at a New Year's party at the end but when Kate Hudson is on the scene (and sadly, the very funny Jay Mohr has to share her scenes) the movie de-evolves into a painful, klutz comedy where she falls or bumps into something all for a cheap laugh. That, above all else, hurts this movie more than anything else that happens.

Now, I know I said the movie didn't hit a home run but that doesn't mean I wasn't entertained. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this movie but, unlike other films about the troubles of being young like Dazed and Confused, this movie doesn't have much replay value for me and that can hurt my ratings just as much as having Kate Hudson in it. While this was a good movie, it may be a long time before I put it in my DVD player again. In fact, by the time I decide to watch it again, DVD's may no longer exist.

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  1. In all honesty, I pick Kate Hudson over Jennifer Aniston any day of the year.


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