Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rescue Me Season 5 Vol. 2

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Rescue Me Season 5 Vol. 2 - 4 out of 5

Whenever I watch this show, I think of a joke a fellow comedian once said..."the most tragic thing to come from 9/11 is that Denis Leary thinks he's a real fireman." The comedian who said this is Dave Odd, an extremely talented comedian from Chicago that I highly suggest, if you have the chance, to see him perform. Alright, now that I'm done kissing the ass of a fellow comedian, on to my review. I love this show but this tail end of season 5 was nothing to write home about. Like the last few seasons Lou has some terrific moments that kept me watching and, like EVERY season, there are some really REALLY funny moments but what made this season lose an entire point was the drawn out love triangle between Tommy, Sheila and Janet. This is getting really old and I don't want to see it anymore. And to further show how bland their story has become, there was an EXTREMELY painful scene to sit through with Sheila and Janet near the end of the season. Neither female can act very well but when Denis Leary is in the scene, he more than makes up for their attempts but when you don't have Tommy and a third, completely irritating character (who I will get into in a moment) you have something awful. I would rather endure physical pain, then ever sit through that scene again. I would rather watch Transformers 2 and Avatar back to back (two of the worst movies every made) than see this scene again. It was that hard to sit through. Another reason this season lost a point with me was the addition of a new love interest to Tommy. This dynamic is also getting old and has been repeated nearly every season. Usually I don't mind this but the character they created is so lame that I can't take it. Maura Tierney plays Kelly, a "I don't play by the traditional roles when it comes to dating" type. It irritates me that they bring this type of female character in because currently, a good chunk of television shows and movies have this cliche female in it. I'm tired of this type of character and to make matters even worse, Maura Tierney can't even play the woman convincingly. These two complaints aside, this half of season 5 had its moments. Tommy convinces his cohorts who try to stop his drinking to get THEM to drink and that creates some great scenes when they agree. Mic and Uncle Teddy have some hilarious scenes with some lesbians and the season ends with a terrific scene in the guys bar. A scene, I might add, that Teddy completely stole and really showed his chops! Asides from my few complaints, I still like this show and the season cliff hanger is enough to get me to come back for season 6.

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