Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Operation: Endgame

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Operation: Endgame 4 out of 5

Dark comedies: You either love them or hate them and, me personally, I LOVE them. Dick and fart jokes get old and sometimes wit just isn't enough. I need uncomfortable and sometimes violent humor and you get it in spades in this one. The cast is filled with some amazing comedians and great actors...Zach Galafinakis, one of my personal heroes; Bob Odenkirk, Rob Corddry, Jeffery Tambor, the list goes on. Zach deserves special mention because he delivered his part perfectly, combining the serious of his role with the humor like he was poured into a mold made specifically for this character. The humor is bloody and twisted and I like that very much, precious. (Note: read that last part of the sentence as Gollum from LOTR.) And what amazed me most about this movie that, sadly, only got a limited theater release is how solid the story was and film making was. In fact, there was a particular shot that impressed me was a extremely seamless transition from a live shot to a CGI warehouse. If you're not a fan of dark comedies and don't want blood and death to mix with your ha ha time, then maybe you should skip this one. But if you're like me, you'll love this movie. My only complaint...Bob Odenkirk didn't have enough screen time.

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