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Kick-Ass - 5 out of 5

Comic book adaptations are all the rage now but the problem I have, being a comic book fanboy, is too often the original source material isn't used or watered down so it can be sold to a mass audience. This is a no-no, to me. Spider-man, Daredevil and Batman films like Batman Forever and Batman and Robin are examples of comic book properties where the original source material is ignored and film companies are allowed to destroy these works of art to create money. I prefer it when a filmmaker (like Zach Synder) says "FUCK THE MONEY" and creates adaptations that are nearly identical to the source. (I say nearly because I understand you can't always go exact when adapting something because of the differences timing works in books or comics and movies.) Look at his work on 300 and my opinion, pure gold. And Kick-Ass is one of those adaptations that was more interested in selling something to its smaller, but targeted audience than making a piece of crap to the larger, more dim-witted audiences. Honestly, I never got to read the Kick-Ass series till after I saw the movie but noticed, for the most part, it went almost unchanged as it committed to film. This movie really delivers a world that feels like it is directly out of a comic book. Everything from the actors that were cast to the way the movie is shot and edited, it seems like a comic book came to life. The actors were perfectly cast--not a single person delivers their character poorly and the highlights of this great casting come in the form of Aaron Johnson as Kick-Ass (who I never actually seen in anything until this movie) and he was great. Exceptionally great is Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl (who steals the movie, in my opinion) and Nicolas Cage as her dad and fellow superhero, Big Daddy. And then you add Mark Strong as the bad guy? Forget about it! This movie is just too cool for words but then when you see the amazingly creative fight scenes edited to music that fits like it was composed for it, I start to lose the ability to keep singing my praises for this movie. The title says it all here...this movie is Kick-Ass!

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  1. Kick-Ass was a sweet movie. I never even read the comic, and I love it.

    I hate what Hollywood does to comic books. And to video games (*cough*MortalKombat*cough*).


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