Saturday, August 21, 2010

Furry Vengeance

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Furry Vengeance 2 out of 5

Come on, Brendan...I know you're better than this. Remember him in the first Mummy. He was awesome. But this is almost embarrassing. For the most part, his slap-stick comedy in this movie is WAYYYYY over the top (but it is for kids, I guess. Although it is obvious that this film is ONLY meant for kids and not adults to enjoy with the younglings.) Occasionally, I found myself laughing at Brendan when he did a great reaction to something happening to him--a reaction that wasn't over the top but subdued and actually hilarious. Sadly, this didn't happen very often. Oh, and I should point out, that this movie is NOT about furries. So, move along perverts. The story to this movie is something we've seen a million times. A dad too obsessed with work puts his family on the backburner and something occurs to him, usually comedic and violent and he learns the error of his ways. I like that the story is given an environmental message to the children--I truly appreciated that. But the movie is just weak with predictable jokes and lifeless characters. And what is really strange is there is some great talent in this movie. Comedic actors who are better than this movie. For example, Ken Jeong. A hilarious actor who's character was...okay, at best. And then, two very funny comics, Patrice O'Neil and Jim Norton are in it--BUT IN THE BACKGROUND!!! WHY?!? Finally, there's Brooke Shields, who is a woman that mystifies me that she's ever had a career. For one, I've never found her attractive and two, I have never seen her act where I believe she is the career she is playing. I always find myself saying, "oh...Brooke Shields is in this movie?" And I don't know if it was just me but she looked wayyyy too old to play Brendan's wife. If you have kids, they'll love this but parents, don't expect more than a few chuckles out of this one.

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