Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale

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Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale 5 out of 5

Awesome ending to an all around awesome show! Once again there are great celebrity cameos...especially Clive Owen's absolutely hysterical scene with the character of Maggie. But what I found most surprising was the seriousness of this finale. In fact, there were scenes with Maggie that nearly brought tears to my eyes as they perfectly projected the feeling of hopelessness of a dream lost. But despite the seriousness, there are still jokes and it is still funny. They perfectly blended together the drama and humor where you got laughs but didn't feel ripped off with a more serious ending to the series. It's sad that we won't see anymore of the journey of Andy Millman but Ricky Gervais is, in one word, a genius. He understands that shows need to end on a high note and bow out gracefully before the show gets stale and stays past its prime. Something The Simpsons have yet to learn. But all in all, this show was fantastic and this special finale ended the show perfectly.

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