Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Expendables

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The Expendables - 1 out of 5

Giving this movie a one, was generous on my part. This movie is alllllll hype. The action sequences are lazy and late to the show as the film drags at a snail's pace, pathetically trying to create a credible story to a film that shouldn't have one to begin with. This movie should have been nothing but ass kicking, gun shots and explosions but it wasn't. Instead, what I found was a movie that failed left and right at developing its story. It felt like the writer of the movie sat down, started to write the movie, took a year off, came back and forgot what he previously wrote and this whole process was repeated a couple of times. If you are able to put aside the terrible writing, you are then forced to deal with the horrible acting. Okay, none of the actors in this movie are known for their acting chops but every scene felt like each actor was either phoning it in or over doing it. Mickey Rourke deserves special mention for his scenery chewing sequence that went on wayyyyy too long. (when you see it, you'll know it.) I was so disappointed with this movie. I wanted a big budget, ass kick action movie but what I discovered was a boring, poorly put together movie. I really tried to find something good in this movie but found nothing. I guess Dolph Lundgren was okay.

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