Monday, July 26, 2010


***DISCLAIMER*** The following review is entirely my opinion. If you comment (which I encourage you to do) be respectful. If you don't agree with my opinion, that's fine. To each their own. I am just sharing my opinions and perspective. Finally, the reviews are given on a scale of 1-5. 1, of course, being terrible. 2, being not great. 3, being okay. 4, being good and 5, being epic!

Unthinkable - 4 out of 5

I was quite surprised by this movie! I didn't expect to find myself so glued to the TV. Samuel L. Jackson, who is one of my favorite actors and baddest Jedi to ever live, is so amazing in his delivery and he is backed up by the beautiful and talented Carrie-Anne Moss. The conflict and interaction between these two characters as the film progresses is just as awesome as the political and social commentary this movie makes about torture done to terrorist in the name of National Security. And not to give any spoilers but this movie boils into one of the best third acts I have ever seen. Trust me, the last 15 minutes of the movie, I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen!

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