Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Open Water 2: Adrift

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Open Water 2: Adrift - 1 out of 5

I hated the first movie. It was poorly made, poorly acted, drawn out unnecessarily into an hour and a half when, in reality, the story is only about 20 minutes long and it tried way to hard to force tension through overly dramatic music. But...since I watched the first one, I decided to give the second a chance. I'm a glutton for punishment apparently because this one was just as bad. The acting is only slightly better than the emotionless delivery of the two main characters of the first film but not by much. Filming wise, this movie looks a lot better than the camcorder/home video look of the first one. It actually looks like a movie. The characters are weak and one dimensional. I don't even remember their names, they were so forgetful. Two guys were complete douchebags, one more than the other. One girl was the odd one out and considered the dumb slut of the group because she flaunts her body in a little bikini. Another girl was, I think, the smart one because she knew some medical trivia and the final couple, a husband and wife with a child, was just that--a generic husband and wife/high school sweethearts. That was it. All the characters were cardboard cutouts with no real dimension to them. Oh, the movie tries to create depth and make you feel something for these characters through cliche character development but it's been seen a million times before in movies and I just couldn't care less. In fact, I WANTED the characters to die because they were all so annoying. All they did was yell at each other. I will say this though, I admire the strength of the filmmakers NOT bringing sharks or other sea life into the equation to create false, cheap tension. Also, gone is the cheap dramatic music that made the first one that made me laugh out loud. And not in the internet way of "LOL" where you actually aren't laughing but a real laugh. Finally, this movie seemingly movies even slower than the first one and it actually made me wish to sit through the snail's pace of a Harry Potter film. And I hate Harry Potter. Overall, not an enjoyable movie.

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