Friday, March 20, 2020

King Ralph

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King Ralph – 3 out of 5

It has been a long time since I’ve watched King Ralph and, to be honest, I think I only saw it a single time.  With a pandemic hitting the globe, there is a lot of time spent at home as I practice social distancing (not that I needed practice.  I’m an unattractive introvert, being alone has never been something that wasn’t an essential part of my existence).  A key component to my time spent by my lonesome is watching movies (that’s why I have this blog, of course) so I decided to check this one out from my local library before it closed its doors for the foreseeable future and revisit it.  It was alright.

Hey!  Rose's mom met the War Doctor in her younger years.
My head canon is that King Ralph exists in the Doctor Who universe.

Either they were all electrocuted or saw the savings
they can get during Toyotathon.
After a freak accident kills the entire British royal family, there is a mad dash in order to find surviving heirs to fill the vacancy of the monarchy.  Eventually, an unexpected replacement is found after it is discovered that the first Duke of Warren had an affair with an American and the grandson of that American is now the rightful heir.  His name is Ralph Jones (John Goodman) and is a party animal and a lounge singer in Las Vegas.  It is now up to Sir Cedric Charles Willingham (Peter O’Toole) to turn him into royalty; however, Ralph soon learns that being king isn’t all it is cracked up to be as he falls for an exotic dancer named Miranda (Camille Coduri) and Sir Cedric isn’t having it.  Meanwhile, Lord Percival Graves (John Hurt) is opposed to Ralph becoming king and is secretly scheming to get him off the throne.

I would actually welcome John Goodman as king.

King Ralph is a pretty innocent and entirely safe comedy as the jokes are very predictable and the story plays out in the exact manner you expect it to.  The story doesn’t really provide any twists and never does the feature play off of expectations but rather seems to embrace them and deliver them and the tame humor in an honest fashion.  Sometimes this formula can be boring and while it isn’t making King Ralph a laugh riot or an immensely fun ride, it does end up working thanks to one specific element:  The cast.

Don't like John Goodman?  What's it like hating awesome things?

The cast in King Ralph is really what makes this film and stops it from being the kinda/sorta generic comedy that it rightfully is.  Thanks to the great straight man work of Peter O’Toole, the just goofy enough performance of Richard Griffiths, the cartoonishly evil machinations of John Hurt, the terrifically sincere qualities of Camille Coduri, and the undeniable charms of John Goodman, the film proves to be a decent watch and they are able to make the very predictable humor work.

Everyone should have a Peter O'Toole as the straight man in their life.

King Ralph is, honestly, a pretty forgettable movie.  With its predictable humor, it doesn’t have a lot of scenes and moments that really stand out.  I will admit the central concept is not too shabby but it is not a movie that does much to stand out.  That being said, it isn’t a complete waste of time either as the cast makes it watchable and semi-entertaining.  This feature is basically the definition of my middle-of-the-road score.  It’s not terrible but not completely great either.  It’s okay entertainment that will kill some time but won’t make you feel like you wasted said time.

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