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Incredibles 2

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Incredibles 2 - 5 out of 5

The Incredibles is one of my favorite Pixar movies.  It’s action-packed, a whole hell of a lot of fun and it even heads into some darker territories that few other Pixar movies went—it being inspired by Watchmen didn’t hurt either.  It was also one of the films I really wanted a sequel to for a long time because I wanted to see what other adventures the family of heroes would find themselves in.  As Pixar put out more sequels to their other features (including two for Cars—I mean, come on!), it seemed like we’d never see Incredibles 2.  Well, fourteen years later, Pixar did it and, I gotta say, it was worth the wait!

                                                              Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios
That's a badass family!

                                   Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios
The Screenslaver is a damn creepy villain.
Despite the events of the first film, superheroes are still outlawed but one man; Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) wishes to see that overturned.  Together with his brilliant inventor sister; Evelyn (Catherine Keener), they recruit Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) and have her save the day in order to gain popularity among the population and see support rise for superheroes again.  Meanwhile, Bob, a.k.a. Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson), becomes a stay-at-home dad and must deal with Dash (Huck Milner) and his schoolwork, help Violet (Sarah Vowell) deal with social problems, and the baby Jack-Jack developing superpowers.  As Elastigirl is out drumming up support for crime fighters like her, a supervillain rises by the name of Screenslaver; an individual who uses hypnosis to undermine heroes and brings about chaos.  Can Elastigirl stop the Screenslaver while Mr. Incredible learns how to be a proper dad?

                                                              Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios
The real heroes are parents.

Nothing about Incredibles 2 disappoints.  Writer/Director Brad Bird brought forth a sequel that continues the story of the family very well and then ups the development nicely.  Furthermore, the feature brings about very interesting and fun new characters and the action is just as good, maybe even better, than the first film.  Hell, I’m really on the fence over whether or not this one is better than the previous film because it was just that good.

                                                              Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios
Is it strange that I find Elastigirl attractive?

Some of the strongest aspects to the film’s very strong story is the new developments of Jack-Jack and his powers, a very awesome villain, and the new dynamic of Elastigirl taking the spotlight while Mr. Incredible is on the sideline (which I’m sure has angered many males with fragile egos on Twitter).  All of these combined together to craft a story that didn’t really feel like just another adventure but rather a continuation of what we’ve already seen.  It gives the story of this family a feeling that we are watching a saga unfold and not just seeing a regular old sequel.  The way Bird was able to balance the more humorous moments of Mr. Incredible becoming worn down by Jack-Jack with the more action-based mystery of finding out who the Screenslaver was made for a story that flowed very well but also supplied something that never felt too monotonous in any one tonal direction.  Overall, the film’s story was amazingly crafted and continues the high standard that Pixar has become synonymous with.

                                                             Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios
Have I ever mentioned what a huge fan I am of Sam Jackson?
Because I am!

Like every production with Pixar, this movie has got the top shelf technical work.  The voice cast is absolutely stellar.  Every player seems to perfectly understand their character and it results in hitting all the right notes for either humor or drama.  One problem that does arise when you do a sequel over a decade later—particularly when it comes to an animated film—is that the technology in this industry moves so fast that what can be created now is lightyears better than what could have been created then.  For the most part, this sequel doesn’t look too much different from the first film but there is a noticeable improvement.  There is a definite increase in the details that you can see.  For example, when it concerns lines on faces or wrinkles in shirts.  This isn’t a problem but there were definitely times where I just marveled at how amazing the animation and designs looked.

                                                              Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios
Powers...another reason for me to keep avoiding having kids...that and the fact I'm too
unattractive to pass along my genes.

Incredibles 2 may have taken a little bit of time to arrive but the wait was well worth it.  It’s a fantastically constructed film with heart, humor and a whole lot of exciting action.  The film has a great villain, develops its character terrifically and it looks amazing.  I really want a sequel…but, to be honest, I don’t know if I want to wait another 14 years.  Can we shave off a few years on the wait for a third one?  I’m not trying to sound spoiled but I am getting older…

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