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Creep 2

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Creep 2 – 4 out of 5

Very rarely do I find horror films engaging and entertaining and it is even rarer that I find “found footage” horror films to be decent.  Creep is one of those films that got a check in both boxes as it was a feature I really enjoyed.  Sequels, especially horror ones, can be a tricky thing because they need to feel spiritually connected to the first film but if you stray too far away from the core concepts then you are left with something that feels disconnected and alone.  Creep 2 seems to ride the line of what a horror sequel needs to be and, much like the first one, provides a very simple but striking movie.

He's driving with that mask on?!?  There's no way he can see in that.
He is a psycho!

Sara (Desiree Akhavan) is a struggling filmmaker who creates content that revolves around her answering online ads and interacting with the subject.  Sadly, she hasn’t been able to find an audience and she starts to second guess the project and considers ending it.  However, after answering one last ad, she meets a man named Aaron (Mark Duplass) in a secluded home in the woods.  Aaron tells Sara that he is a serial killer and wants her to film a documentary about him and his crimes.  Thinking she has the ultimate story to showcase, she agrees.  At first, she seems unfazed by Aaron’s behavior and stories but she soon learns that she might be in over her head.

Josef is greeting his documentary filmmaker in a this a biopic about how
Hollywood works and treats women?

Similar to the first film, this second outing relies heavily on simplicity.  The cast is small, it doesn’t try to overinflate its running time and there’s a no-nonsense approach to the character and story development.  Also similar to the previous film, the scares have the same feel to them and this movie doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel.  This one does bring in more jump scares but they seem more tongue-in-cheek than anything else.  Instead, this one once again relies heavily on atmosphere and the unsettling nature that is Mark Duplass’ character.  This film, and the last one, aren't horror movies that will make your skin crawl or your heart race but, rather, just make you feel a genuine state of unease as you watch this creepy character on the screen.  A part of him may seem likable and charming but there’s a devious side always lurking and Duplass once again brings this dynamic by the truckload.

I do like how the movie makes a joke about jump scares.

Last time, I had a minor complaint about Patrick Brice not being the strongest actor to perform opposite Duplass but this time around this doesn’t seem to be a problem.  Desiree Akhavan matches Duplass in every sense as a performer and their interaction, their back and forth and chemistry are fantastic.  Having her character already be a stronger one who doesn’t take Aaron’s shit lightly is a big plus for the movie because then there is no risk of seeing what we’ve already seen but the way the character is intrigued by Aaron is great to watch.  This only gets better as she goes from not being wavered by the man to slowly realizing that his threat-level is real.  Akhavan does this exceptionally and it was easy to become engrossed in her performance.

"Who gets to interview a murderer?  I do!"

Finally, one of my favorite elements of this film is the ending.  In theory, what you see happens feels like a cliché horror film ending but the way it is presenting itself is what makes it memorable and a very chilling moment right before it cuts to the credits.  I’m struggling to not give anything away but there’s a very subtle and simple approach that lets the viewers know that something they thought they saw occur didn’t actually happen and it created an ending that was incredibly memorable and has me very excited to see where the third film will go.

He totes peed in that hot tub.

"Are you okay?  I'm sure you're fine."
Overall, I definitely enjoyed Creep 2 and felt it made for an excellent sequel to a very simple and memorable first film.  Occasionally, the story did feel like it was dragging and sometimes felt like it really didn’t have a destination in mind but these moments were rare.  I was shocked to see that this one decided to work in some blood into the mix since the first one had none of this but I really should have expected this since sequels have to up the ante.  This use of blood was never distracting and its surprising use was pretty nice because it played off of the expectations the first film delivered.  Overall, I really enjoyed this film and I am very curious and pretty excited to see where this planned trilogy will go with the third film. 

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