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The Hitman's Bodyguard

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The Hitman’s Bodyguard – 3 out of 5

If you know me or have seen the fact I have been carrying around a wallet that says “Bad Mother Fucker” on it for the last twenty years, you would know I am a huge fan of Samuel L. Jackson.  I think he is the coolest man alive and I will watch anything and everything he is in.  Sure, some of the movies may stink but he’s never the thing about the film I don’t like.  I still walk away out of those ones saying, “At least Sam Jackson was awesome in it.”  I know some people have their criticisms about him because of his liberal use of the F-bomb or they fact he likes to yell but that’s why I think he’s great.  The guy oozes confidence, a hard exterior and his intensity is what makes Sam Jackson the icon he is.  There’s no one else like him.  So, when he teams with funnyman and the unfairly attractive Ryan Reynolds, I’m damn well going to see what they create.  I checked out The Hitman’s Bodyguard and, I gotta say, those two are f@#king hilarious together.

There was a time when I couldn't stand this man.
I was dumb for that.

A ruthless dictator (Gary Oldman) is put on trial for his crimes against his people and the prosecution’s only hope rests on the shoulders of a contract killer by the name of Darius Kincaid (Jackson).  After a plea deal is offered to the man’s wife (Salma Hayek), Kincaid agrees to testify and law enforcement agents scramble to get him to the International Criminal Court in one piece.  However, after the motorcade is attacked, Kincaid barely escapes with his life.  A young and relatively inexperienced Interpol agent calls upon her ex-boyfriend; a fallen-from-grace bodyguard by the name of Michael Bryce (Reynolds), to protect Kincaid and get him to his appointed testimony.  However, with a legion of loyal assassins from the dictator and their clashing styles and attitudes, it’s doubtful that the two will make it in one piece.

Baddest MF'er ever.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard isn’t a perfect comedy and it has its failings but the elements that work really carry this thing and make it fun.  The strongest aspect about this film is the performances from Reynolds and Jackson.  The two work very well together and are just hysterical.  A lot of the humor in the film isn’t the most commanding or the most original thing to exist in the genre of action/comedy but the natural charisma and charm of these two, mixed with a dash of snark, sarcasm and a plethora of expletives, ends up taking the generic feel and making it very, very amusing.  The two both look and feel like they have a deep understanding of both their characters and their relationship and it ends up creating a very entertaining buddy comedy.

The new Sister Act reboot is interesting.

Another thing this action comedy does exceptionally well is the action part.  The shoot-outs, the car chases and the fights all are exciting and filmed tremendously.  The added bonus of this is the production is able to weave in comedic moments to stick with the film’s theme.  However, as good as Reynolds and Jackson are, as funny as the movie can get and as cool-as-all-hell as the action scenes can be, there are two things that really limit this one and stop it from being better than it has the potential to be.

Jeez, you could have used the door.

The running length and the story itself are not doing The Hitman’s Bodyguard any favors.  As enjoyable as the two leads are, the long running length of the film often makes the story feel like it is dragging and adding needless additional endings.  Just when you think the movie is going to wrap up, a new twist is brought in and it wasn’t always welcomed.  There came a point where it started to get grating.  This is also due to the fact the story centered on the ruthless dictator is kinda boring.  The camaraderie between Bryce and Kincaid is what makes the film but the bringing a crummy dictator to justice was just flat and almost felt like an afterthought.  This really feels this way when you realize that the dictator barely has any screen time and isn’t really given any development or time to really showcase how despicable he can be beyond just a few fleeting moments.

I won't get into the fact I had a hard time not laughing and cringing at the
accent Oldman was doing.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard has its charms thanks to killer action and its hysterical performances from Reynolds and Jackson.  However, this doesn’t help the idea that the movie is probably a good thirty minutes longer than it needed to be and it just barely covers up that the main conflict and the feature’s story isn’t really that strong or engaging.  Yes, the humor provided by Reynolds and Jackson is fantastic and really makes the film flow well but it’s not enough to make the whole trial of a dictator storyline that intriguing.  Hell, if the film just eliminated that point and it was just a professional bodyguard trying to protect a hitman from assassins who have no motive, my score would…actually, it probably would have been the same because Reynolds and Jackson were just that fun in the movie. 

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