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Sing – 4 out of 5

For some odd reason, I pretty much avoid singing competition reality shows like they are trying to sell me some Snake Essential Oils; however, when you turn that show into a movie and make the contestants animated anthropomorphic animals and have them sing pop songs and suddenly I’m all in.  Look, I’m not going to pretend I understand what’s going on in my old noodle but there was definitely something about Sing that looked both adorable and entertaining to me.  And you know what?  It was!

This movie has bunny butts--which sounds like a band name that, ironically,
would be in Sing.

The things Buster did for a buck...
After some financial problems harms his theater, koala Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) decides he’s going to host a singing competition.  The idea behind it is that it will generate interest in the theater and he’ll be able to raise money in order to keep the lights on and keep the theater open.  After a mix-up states that the grand prize is going to be $100,000, animals from all over show up for a chance to win.  The contestants boil down to a stay-at-home mother pig named Rosita (Reese Witherspoon), a crooner mouse named Mike (Seth MacFarlane), a rocker porcupine named Ash (Scarlett Johansson), a gorilla named Mike (Taron Egerton) who is the son of a criminal, a flash dancing pig named Gunter (Nick Kroll) and a shy elephant named Meena (Tori Kelly).  Now Buster must do everything he can to keep the theater from closing down before the show but, with everything on the line, that may not happen.

The first idea of started a Pay-to-Play Fight Club didn't go over well.

"Hello Cleveland!"
The story is pretty basic but that’s the thing that really works in Sing’s favor.  It kinda reminds me of the old satirical storytelling trope where teens have to put on a show in order to save the rec center.  Sure, it can feel like the film is a hollow excuse to shoehorn in pop songs song by cartoon animals and there’s no denying that it is a small element of the film but it delivers a charm to this.  The film also plays off the American Idol trope that every singer has a story to tell and each character is given motivation as to why they want to win the contest—in ways beyond just wanting to win.  You have characters who want the money, characters out to achieve their dreams and even a character who just wants to show that they are their own person with their own amazing and undiscovered talent.  At its core, Sing is an animated film that’s all about character and isn’t just your usual kid’s film that has talking animals falling down and farting.

Dance like no one's watching or like a pig in a supermarket.

From an animation and design standpoint, Sing looks pretty standard.  I’m not saying it looks bad but it does look really no different than numerous other animated films starring talking animals.  It still looks incredible but, in reality, the look and style of the characters and background isn’t exactly what makes this film so charming and fun—that honor belongs to the story and the character’s journeys.  From a cast perspective, this movie can’t be beat.  You have a tremendous cast that is all bringing their characters to live perfectly and, even better, they’re all doing their own singing.  It’s always a bummer when you see a movie that has an actor playing a role that involves them singing and you learn that they didn’t actually do it but were recorded over.  Thankfully, Sing doesn’t do that.

Play "Freebird!"

Truth be told, Sing might not have a lot of replay value for me because it is one of those animated films that once I’ve seen it one time I might not have a desire to watch it again.  That being said, I still found the film to be a cute, charming, and fun ride filled with some great music.

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