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Ice Age: Collision Course

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Ice Age:  Collision Course – 2 out of 5

It’s kinda nuts when you think about how the Ice Age franchise started 15 years ago in 2002.  I personally really enjoyed the first film but, since then, my enjoyment of the franchise has become less and less.  Ice Age:  Collision Course is the fifth film in the series and, by far, the one that I’ve enjoyed the least.  The series very quickly began to take on a very generic, Direct-to-DVD feel but this one really takes the cake (or acorn, if I wanna stay true to this franchise) with that aspect.

How many more sequels have to transpire before this guy's luck changes?

While trying to bury his acorn, the squirrel-thingy Scrat ends up finding himself in a spaceship frozen on Earth.  Mayhem ensues and he accidentally sails into space where he basically creates our galaxy as we know it (because the timeline in this franchise is designed to make no sense) and ends up setting off a change of events that leads to a massive asteroid sailing towards Earth.  Now, our friends Manny (Ray Romano), Diego (Denis Leary), Sid (John Leguizamo) and all their friends and family (and a new age-y llama guru) must come up with a plan to save the planet.

Remember when there were humans in the first film?
Where have they been?

He feels like the David Wolfe of the Ice Ageuniverse.
Ice Age:  Collision Course is a serviceable sequel if this feature was a Direct-to-DVD affair but as a theatrical release the film feels a bit hollow.  From an animation stand point, the film looks fantastic.  The characters all look great and there’s some great use of color.  I especially enjoyed just how vibrant and flashy they made the asteroid and crystals look.  Even from a perspective of the cast the film is receiving high marks.  That says a lot because Adam DeVine is in the cast and I am not a fan of that guy.  However, this complaint is a bit null and void because it’s voice acting and I really didn’t have to endure he usual style of trying too hard to make things funny.  So, for all intents and purposes, this film works from a technical standpoint.  It’s just the story and the humor that just didn’t grab me.

At the very least, this looked cool.

I’m thinking I’m just getting worn out by this franchise and that might be the biggest culprit of why I just couldn’t get into this film.  The story just didn’t interest me and all the jokes just weren’t funny.  Too often as the film progressed and new gags would appear, it felt like everything I was seeing was really familiar and like I had seen it all before.  Even worse is the fact that this film has way too many characters and it feels like the writers lost track of them very often.  For long spats of time characters would get no lines and not even be seen in sequences and then, out of nowhere, they’d show up.  The whole thing just felt a bit too sloppy and way too tired.

"Yay!  We're pretty much irrelevant in this film!"

Ice Age:  Collision Course might be just fine for kids or even if you just want to have something mindless to put on in the background as you clean the house or try to unwind from the day.  It’s not a terrible animated movie that I walked away from feeling like I wasted both time and energy on but rather just a forgettable one that feels like it is just going through the motions in order to add another feature to the franchise.

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