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Sausage Party

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Sausage Party – 4 out of 5

Sausage Party is not the first R-rated animated film that’s ever existed but these types of films are still pretty rare.  One thing about this one, however, is the fact that this is one of the first ones to look like the copious amounts of family friendly ones out there in existence.  So, does adding inappropriate humor and swear words make this a funny premise or is it just gratuity?

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The answer will shock you...actually it won't because the score is right at the top.

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The Twinkie guy has some nice hair!
In an unassuming grocery store, all the foods sing songs about one day being chosen by the gods.  When chosen, they are taken away to be lavished and cared for by the lords they worship.  With the Fourth of July coming, a hotdog named Frank (Seth Rogen) and his girlfriend bun named Brenda (Kristen Wiig) get picked but a crazed Honey Mustard (Danny McBride) warns them that everything they’ve been told is a lie and in his tantrum causes Frank and Brenda to fall out of the cart and be left alone in the supermarket.  Alongside a bagel (Edward Norton), a lavash (David Krumholtz) and a taco (Salma Hayek), Frank and Brenda seek the truth about the Great Beyond from the wise Firewater (Bill Hader).  Meanwhile, fellow hotdogs from Frank's pack; Carl (Jonah Hill) and Barry (Michael Cera), discover what really happens when they leave and are desperately trying to return to the supermarket while a disgruntled bottle of douche (Nick Kroll) is out for revenge against Frank after his journey to the Great Beyond was interrupted.

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I think Douche might have been my favorite character because Nick Kroll
just kills me.

To be honest, despite it having a cast that is filled with comedic performers that I love, the trailer didn’t really have me sold.  It felt like the whole movie was just going to be either immature humor or just a lot of swears and inappropriate stuff in an attempt to mask there were no jokes.  I was incredibly wrong on that assumption.

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I realize that potatoes have "eyes" but all those eyeballs on the potato
are kinda creepy.

Don’t get me wrong, this movie is shocking, offensive, immature, and loaded with inappropriate jokes and a whole hosts of swears but they are all done in a way that feels very calculating and not just to be gratuitous.  The whole product has a meta feel to it as it presents humor that is not only the very antithesis of what you would see in your typical DreamWorks or Pixar film but also calls itself out for its nasty gags and even its own stereotype jokes while the whole time supplying very creative and wickedly amusing puns.  The movie even gets super meta during the final moments as the food characters get an even realer reveal about the world they exist in.  I had my assumptions about the humor (or possible lack thereof, as I falsely predicted) this film was going to deliver but I was completely wrong and I laughed my ass off the entire time—even when the film shocked the hell out of me with what they were delivering.

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Firewater and Mr. Grits, on the surface, seem like bad racist humor and it is...
and the movie mocks itself for it!

From a technical standpoint, the film is very well made.  The story is smarter and better constructed than I predicted, the voice acting is tremendous—which really shouldn’t be surprising because of the amount of talent it has in it (which also includes the likes of James Franco, Craig Robinson and Paul Rudd)—and the animation is incredible (I guess mandatory overtime with no pay can get that result).  A big part of why this film worked so well is how it has that vibe of it being a typical animated film but like it was dosed in alcohol and bong resin.

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Brenda the bun makes me...uncomfortable and has opened up a new
sexual fetish in me that I didn't know (or want to know) existed.

Honestly, I found everything about Sausage Party to work exceptionally well and can’t really see anything wrong with it.  It never drags, nothing about the story feels superfluous (even the extremely shocking scene moments before the credits), it has a lot of replay value, and the varying humor works.  Essentially the film is, for what it is trying to be, perfect.  There’s no reason why this wouldn’t get my perfect score.  The only real downside I can find for the film is that it’s clearly not for everyone and it’s probably not a comedy that I can put on whenever and find enjoyable.  I’m probably going to have to be in a very specific mood to watch it but, even then, I still enjoyed this film and found it to be an offensive and shocking comedy that was incredibly calculating, smart, and witty in its offensive nature.

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