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Elektra – 1 out of 5

Elektra was a movie that I, for one reason or another, always thought I had seen when it came out after the flop that was Daredevil back in 2005.  Well, turns out I was wrong because I recently re-watched it for my new segment over at The Robot’s Pajamas (check out the site, it’s awesome!) called Was it THAT Bad?  The long and short of it is I take a film that is widely considered bad by both audiences and critics and I take another look at it to see if it really was a horrible as we all remember it to be.  After taking the time to sit with this one, I realized that I had never actually watched it before…and that it was, in fact, a really, really bad movie.

Not tying your hair back on a windy mission seems like a bad idea when
you're a ninja assassin.

After defeating the enemy called “dying in the other movie,” master assassin Elektra (Jennifer Garner) is given a mission to kill a man named Mark Miller (Goran Visnjic) and his young daughter Abby (Kristen Prout).  However, her conscience takes over and she decides to not go through with it and, instead, decides to protect them as mysterious and powerful forces are on their way to eliminate them all.

"Today's order of business:  Kill those two Elektra won't kill and also to make
all your souls mine."

The thing that really did it in for me with Elektra is the fact the movie is just bloody boring—so boring, in fact, it turned me British for a moment when I typed that sentence.  The movie itself doesn’t look too bad—granted, sometimes the lighting looks horrendous but it’s never too bad (in fact, sometimes the colors are very vibrant and rich) and the performances are fairly decent.  Heck, Garner is giving her all to the role despite the fact that she is on record saying she hates the film and did it only because of contractual obligations.  Ultimately, however, her performance can’t save the film.

Stick, Elektra's sensei, is sad because no one will kneel before him.

Like a well trained ninja, he's hiding by the colored
Christmas lights.
For a comic book adaptation, there’s very little action going on in this film—and this is a movie where the main character is a martial arts master.  Combine this with the fact this film has some very strange music cues—like cues that would make you think that this was a satire of a comic book adaptation—and the fact that this movie really, REALLY loves montages and completely forgoing any form of development that would actually make the story and plot somewhat interesting and you have something that feels really tedious and is extra hard to sit through.

Looks like this guy needs some beef jerky.  He's hangry!
(The best part about this lame joke is it never would have made sense
when the film came out!)

The saddest part about how utterly boring Elektra is would be that this is one of those poor movies that is just plain bad and not fun to watch it in a way where it is good for a laugh—like Catwoman, Batman & Robin or literally anything from Marvel before Blade came out (I don’t wanna pick on just DC).  The whole film just feels like it is lethargically going through the motions and, even worse, feeling like it doesn’t really need to go into depth with anything you are seeing.  In the end, this film is just a snoozer.

It works in the comics but I don't know if red is the best color for stealthy ninjas.

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