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The Brothers Grimsby

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The Brothers Grimsby – 4 out of 5

I’m a pretty big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen.  I’ll just throw that out there right now in case any commenters want to accuse me of being bias.  I think the man is brilliant in the world of comedy.  He has a unique voice and has made some incredibly memorable characters and showcased them in some truly amazing public stunts.  When I noticed that he was teaming with Mark Strong for an action comedy called The Brothers Grimsby I was all in!

Very nice!  (Read that with Borat's voice.)

Nobby (Cohen) has been separated from his brother Sebastian (Strong) for nearly 3 decades and one day he discovers that he’s still alive and he seeks to reunite with him.  Little does Nobby know that Sebastian is one of MI6’s best agents and their time together is thrown into a loop after an incident puts them in the crosshairs of both MI6 and a terrorist organization planning a major hit.  Now the two estranged brothers must fight to survive, stop the attack and maybe do a little catching up.

I'm only including this picture because Ian McShane was in it too and he's awesome
...he went uncredited in the film, by the way.

To put it bluntly, The Brothers Grimsby is vulgar, disgusting, offensive, childish and absolutely repugnant…and I love it!  Since Cohen was involved in not just acting but also writing the film I knew I was going to see a bunch of moments that are skirting the line of decency and, occasionally, crossing it.  However, I wasn’t prepared for just how filthy this film got.  Like it was shocking and my girlfriend even gagged at points.  Despite this, I was laughing my ass off.  The gags and jokes in this film are very juvenile and disgusting (and some outright offensive and off-putting) and they are not for everyone but I found myself having a great time and laughing at just how ballsy this film was and how far Cohen was ready to push the line.

I had the same look on my face when I saw some of the things Strong did in
the name of comedy.  It was actually pretty cool.

One of the things that really helped sell the humor of the film for me was how well Cohen and Strong played off of each other.  Cohen is his usual larger-than-life goofy self and Strong is doing an excellent job of being the straight man.  Their chemistry and camaraderie was essential to this film because a majority of the humor is derived completely from them.  Sure, other players are bringing in some jokes and moments but I can’t say that I was that impressed with those moments.  Thankfully, Cohen and Strong really brought it to The Brothers Grimsby and delivered not only a lot of laughs but nailed their performances as well.

Who would have thought that Cohen and Strong would have worked so well

Finally, the film offers up some shockingly decent action scenes and balanced out the humor with some decent drama from the separation that Nobby and Sebastian went through as children.  This latter element really provided a great antithesis to the outrageous and the sick humor this film was tossing out.

I won't even get into explaining the utter horror that was done in order to
get to this shot.

On the negative side, the balance of humor and drama that I previously mentioned kinda fizzles out when the third act starts up.  There is some resolution with the family drama element but it doesn’t erase that it did feel that it just sorta faded out and didn’t really feel that strong (no pun intended, Mark).  This might have been because the humor is so shocking that it overshadows so much of the film.  Additionally, there’s an element of the story that involves MI6 sending an elite hitman to eliminatethem and this whole part of the story felt horribly underdeveloped and easily forgettable.

Such a simple joke that really got me for some reason.

The Brothers Grimsby has some issues but I definitely enjoyed it and laughed a lot at how incredibly disgusting and immature the humor was.  It is, without a doubt, not a comedy for everyone and it is definitely something that you’re either going to love or hate but, for me, I had some fun with that.  Whether or not it was because I’m biased towards Sacha Baron Cohen I don’t know but damn I laughed hysterically at this.

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