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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Ultimate Edition

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Batman v Superman:  Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Edition – 3 out of 5

Despite being one of the most anticipated films of 2016, Batman v Superman:  Dawn of Justice was met with overwhelmingly negative reactions from the critics and the feelings among the audiences were definitively split.  I was damn excited for the film but was pretty disappointed with the final product.  As I stated in my review, I dug some elements of the film but was turned away by a story that felt bloated and messy.  Recently, the R-rated version called the Ultimate Edition was released and it promised a more cohesive story and more Martha (well, maybe not more Martha...).  So, was an extra 30 minutes worth it?

Or is it like pulling a giant ship?  Tedious and boring and probably impossible
to fix.

What does a fart sound like in that suit?
Does it echo?
To just provide a quick recap, BvS tells the story of a grumpy, aging Batman (Ben Affleck) who isn’t too happy with Superman (Henry Cavill); who recently made a mess when he made his presence known to the world.  Meanwhile, Superman isn’t too happy with Batman because he acts like judge, jury and executioner with the criminals he faces.  However, neither man fully realizes that all sides are being played by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and he’s about to unleash a monster called Doomsday on the world.  With Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) arriving on the scene and getting into their corner, can these two heroes put aside their differences and save Metropolis and Gotham City?

I'm so excited for her solo movie!

I like the kid with the glasses and who is protesting
Superman.  You can just tell his dad convinced him to vote
Trump and he probably is an Alex Jones fan. 
I was labeled a “hater” with my review for Dawn of Justice (one gentleman was even kind enough to message me and tell me to “fuck off”) all because I didn’t state that I absolutely loved the film.  I liked parts of it but wasn’t in love with it like I wanted to be.  Ben Affleck is amazing as Bruce Wayne/Batman, the Doomsday fight is incredible, even though it stops the story dead in its tracks the cameos from the Justice League members Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman are wickedly fun fan service and Gal Gadot steals the Gee-Dee show as Wonder Woman.  However, the film was bogged down by a story that felt both crowded and underdeveloped at the same time, an antagonist who had motivations that were blurry at best and pointless at worst, way too many dream sequences to the point that I thought they were going to have a scene of Batman forgetting to study for a test and fight crime naked, a severe lack of action for the first two acts, a plot that dragged too often and one of the main points of conflict solved in the most anticlimactic way imaginable.

When you have more than 3 dream sequences in a superhero film, that's probably
more than you really should have.

Honestly, the Ultimate Edition does solve some problems of this film but as you can see from my score it doesn’t help the overall product much.  The 30 extra minutes does make the story more complete but it doesn’t make it a better story.  There are times when the extra footage helps like Lois Lane’s (Amy Adams) investigation of the mysterious weapons that some terrorists owned and it really strengthens Superman’s motivation to stop Batman and why he mistrusts him so much.  Unfortunately, the rest of the time this extra footage is just extended scenes that do nothing to help the convoluted story.

Nor did it get rid of the horribly uncomfortable scene of Lex feeding a Jolly
Rancher to this dude.

Finally, there’s nothing really about this film that makes it worthy of the R-rating.  The extra moments of violence are heavily edited around and, to be honest, the violence in The Dark Knight felt way more extreme and that thing got away with a PG-13.  So, it’s very apparent that this was just some executive saying, “Hey, Deadpool made a lot of money and it didn’t do it because it was a quality, entertaining product.  It did it because it was R-rated and we should do that to make more money with our movie!”

"Hmmm, a strange object that could threaten my undersea world.  Better let it
get a perfect shot of me before I destroy it and flee."

There are definitely elements to Batman v Superman:  Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Edition that make the overwhelming 3 hour running length worth it but, to be honest, it’s only a small percent and not enough to really improve the overall product. 

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