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The Captive

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The Captive – 1 out of 5

The Captive is one of those films that I only heard of because it was a trailer in front of another film.  It looked like an intense thriller and it starred Ryan Reynolds so I put it on my “Check It Out” list.  I figured what could go wrong.  At the very least, I was sure that Reynolds would be entertaining in it because the dude has talent and, realistically, it can’t be that bad, right?  RIGHT?!?  I mean, how hard could it be to mess up a thriller?  Well, it seems like it really isn’t that hard at all.

First step, give no direction to Kevin Durand and let him provide what might be the
strangest performance I've ever seen from him.

Matthew (Ryan Reynolds) and Tina (Mireille Enos) are forced to endure every parent’s nightmare after their daughter goes missing while she was with her father.  At first, Matthew is considered a suspect by the investigating officers (played by Rosario Dawson and Scott Speedman) because it was on his watch when she went missing but after 8 years pass by, it seems less likely that he was at fault.  However, after Matthew is visited by his older daughter and Tina discovers a horrifying secret at her job, hope is renewed that she can be saved but nothing can prepare them for the horrors of those responsible for the kidnapping.

Reynolds is too good for this film.  I'm just going to assume he did this for extra
cash or as a favor or he was bored...or he got a completely different script when he was hired
and they changed it the moment they called "Action!"

The Captive actually starts pretty promising as it establishes the family well enough and it really feels like there’s going to be a promising thriller that is going to follow.  However, the film quickly unravels not long after the main point of conflict (the kidnapping) is established.  The film starts jumping around in time and due to a messy presentation of this fact, it makes for a film that is confusing, extremely hard to invest in and it just plain made the story look amateurish.

That's about the same look of interest I had when watching this.

The concept of having the story take place in such a non-linear fashion isn’t that bad of an idea but I’m not sure if it is one that really helped THIS story.  Never does it feel like it is adding to the suspense or enhancing the drama of a family that lost their child.  It gets even worse as they can’t express the change of time without awkward and stupidly unnatural dialogue that feels like it is holding the hand of the viewer in a vein and clumsy attempt to express where exactly in time we are.   

Reynolds could have easily phoned-in his role and still would have been the best part
of this movie.

There are other factors that really hurt the film like a really cheesy performance from Kevin Durand, some very underwhelming performances from Dawson and Enos, the ridiculous addition of having a plot element be that the cop played by Speedman always thinks Matthew did it and is antagonistic towards from the beginning and, even when it’s clear he isn’t the culprit, still treats him like he’s guilty. There's also some music that is trying too hard to create an atmosphere of tension and suspense when nothing of consequence is happening and it really assisted in creating a film that was incredibly bland but, in the end, the part that hurt the film the worst was the pointless decision to have a story that isn’t linear.

One cop who just barely looks like she cares and the other one is an asshole for no
legitimate reason.  Was there deleted scenes that explained all the pointless stuff in this
film or what?

While the performance from Ryan Reynolds was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best part of this film, the fact is he just couldn’t save The Captive or even make it something that was worth the time to watch.  Having him surrounded by performances that don’t match his intensity, music that feels like it has an uncontrollable ego and thinks it’s more important than it really is and over exerts itself during scenes that have nothing interesting happening in and then does nothing when the few moment of actually interest do arrive, and a plot that overcomplicates itself for absolutely no reason and brings about no reward from doing so made for a film that was just an unwatchable and boring mess.  Now, at this point I could make a very bad joke to use for a hacky sound bite review and say, “The only thing that was captive in The Captive was everything that could have made it captivating.” or some shit like that but I don’t like to do that.  Instead, I’ll just end this review on the fact that pancakes are delicious.

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