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Kung Fury

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Kung Fury – 5 out of 5

I don’t usually review short films but when the short film is the Kickstarter funded epic Kung Fury, a film that lampoons and satires 80s cop and kung fu films…and with a heavy dose of drug-like insanity, I knew I had to talk about this one!

Let the madness begin!

Side-scrolling, Nazi fighting action!
If you don’t know anything about this film (like you actively avoid the internet and only come to read my reviews—first off, thank you, I appreciate that and secondly, you might want to hang on because this synopsis is insane). Okay…after an accident leaves him with the world’s greatest kung fu powers Kung Fury (writer/director David Sandberg) becomes the best cop 1985 has ever seen. However, a time travelling Adolf Hitler (Jorma Taccone) murders the entire police force and now Fury must get help from Hackerman (Leopold Nilsson) and get back to Nazi Germany and stop the dictator. However, along the way he accidentally travels back too far but, thanks to Thor (Andreas Cahling and voiced by Per-Henrik Arvidius), he gets to Nazi Germany and teams with the God of Thunder himself, some Viking ladies, a T-rex, Hackerman, and a half-man/half-dinosaur cop named Triceracop to take down the most evil man of all time…all to the soundtrack of 80s synth-pop!

Triceracop is created when a triceratops and a cop love each other very much...

Okay, so you’ve probably read about this film because all the great pop culture news sites have been reporting on it after it was finished and released for free to watch on the good old interwebs. Everyone is clamoring to tell you to watch it because it is insane and I couldn’t agree with their statements more. The film is freaking nuts and that’s why the ride that is Kung Fury is so gawd damn fun!

It's a crime if cons are not going to be filled with Hackerman cosplayers from now on.

From the bottom of my heart, David Sandberg, thank
you for this movie!
However, the insanity of the film is just the icing on the cake because writer/director David Sandberg actually crafted a witty satire of 80s B-films. It’s easy to make things weird and crazy but to make something truly memorable, you have to mold that insanity into something that works and Sandberg did that with this one. Staples of this film genres—stuff like over-the-top fighting, angry police commissioners, the film industries complete lack of knowledge when concerned with computer and technology, and the overabundance of 80s excess—all come together to make a film that is more about the absurdity of the era than it was about a kung fu master fighting Hitler. I mean, clearly, the film is still about that but, at its foundation, the film is a stupidly sound work of satire that even goes as far as taking pot shots at the VHS medium and brings in tape scratches and even tracking to help push the story forward so the movie never leaves the realm of short films.  It was a very creative way of having the story skip ahead because of "damage" to the film and it made for a great gag along the way.

Hitler on an 80s telephone...someone somewhere just won Impossibly
Specific Bingo.

Thor, always setting impossible body standards to the
other gods.
The whole time I took in this greatness and laughed my bottom off at the great visual gags and humorous lines, I kept asking myself, "This is a whole lot of fun. Why did they settle on a short film and not go for broke and get more money from backers to make a feature length film?" But then I realized, a feature length might be too much and the film runs the risk of beating a dead horse. I mean, this film is awesome and stupidly entertaining but had the running length added an additional hour, would I still have seen it this fun or would I have find myself feeling it was getting tedious? I don’t know but I have a hunch that I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much because this film is so over-the-top that a little of it goes a long way and too much of it might be overbearing.

Move over, Avengers.  There's a new team in town.

The overall verdict, ultimately, with Kung Fury is that the film is insane done right. The film is like a drug trip mixed with 80s satire and the final product is just fun and worth the 30 minutes sitting at your desk or hunkered down over your smart phone and viewing this on YouTube.

And, in this, the circle is complete as David Hasselhoff does the voice of a computerized

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