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Dumb and Dumber To

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Dumb and Dumber To – 2 out of 5

I love the first Dumb and Dumber. To this day, I laugh as hard as the first time I watched the film and maintain that it is in the Top Ten of my favorite comedies. Sure, some people write it off as "dumb humor" but the film was intelligent with its stupidity. There was an underlining wit to the idiotic things done and said by Harry and Lloyd. I still quote the movie constantly and, honestly, was very excited to see that Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels returned after 20 years to reprise their roles and see that Harry and Lloyd were up to more shenanigans. However, I have to say that, despite some good scenes that were shown in the trailer, the film proved to be a letdown and I was very disappointed.
Forgive me, Daniels.  I wanted to like this film so badly.

Turner looks like she can kick my ass...I'm scared to give this
one a bad review.
Twenty years after Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) had their infamous trip to Aspen (mmm, California!), the duo are back together and it seems that Harry had a child with Fraida Felcher. After tracking down Fraida (Kathleen Turner), they learn she gave the girl up for adoption and Harry means to track her down and meet the kid he never knew he had. Turns out his daughter; Penny (Rachel Melvin), was adopted by a very wealthy and brilliant man named Dr. Pinchelow (played by Steve Tom and yes, that name sounds like something familiar and is played up for a bad poop joke). Dr. Pinchelow is being honored at a TED-style conference and Penny is going to accept his lifetime achievement award. Harry and Lloyd decide they will meet her there but there’s an issue: Pinchelow’s wife (Lauren Holden) is looking to get her hands on the man’s fortune and she teams up with a sadistic military man (Rob Riggle) to get her hands on it.
Maybe, in another 20 years, the third film that completes the Dumber Trilogy
will make up for this one.

Penny was in the Oscar-snubbed epic Zombeavers.
A lot of people on the ‘net clamored that they spelled "Two" wrong in the title—and that was pretty hilarious, in my book—but an equal number of people that missed the joke were people giving the usual and tired speech of how "Hollywood has run out of ideas" and that the sequel was never needed. Realistically, no sequel is ever needed (or any piece of entertainment, really) but I was hopeful that this would be as fun as the first. But, like I stated, I was disappointed with this one because rather than forge new ground and have a new adventure for the Brothers Dumb, Dumb and Dumber To spends too much of it time trying to recapture the energy of the first film and repeat as many gags as they can.
"Hey, remember this thing from the last film?" - Me, paraphrasing every joke in the film.

While the film does have its moments, most of them were shown in the trailer and the rest of the film is spent rehashing, redoing, and re-crafting familiar gags and callbacks from the first film. While this may prove fun for nostalgia purposes, it becomes so prevalent that it makes the film feel lazy and feel like nothing original is occurring. Even worse is the fact that the film has six people credited for writing this. SIX PEOPLE!!! Let that sink in…it took six people to write a film that is basically redoing all the jokes from the first time around.
Even in bad movies, it's impossible to not love Rob Riggle.

If I told you not to look at painted Rob Riggle's junk, would
you?  Of course you're doing it right now.
I did really enjoy seeing how seamlessly Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels returned to the roles and I thought all of Rob Riggle’s scenes were very enjoyable—however, it’s a rare day that I don’t find Rob Riggle funny. Additionally, Rachel Melvin was very amusing as Penny and Kathleen Turner was enjoyable as Fraida. In all honesty, the acting wasn’t really an issue with this film. All the actors really did their job very well. The one true killer in this film was the fact it spent most of its time trying to redo what was already done and too often the Farrelly Brothers settle for some really immature, gross-out humor. 
As bad as the humor is, these two still work well as a team.

Maybe the Farrelly Brother’s humor is an art that worked in the 90s and doesn’t translate now because, as time went by, I found their films to roll downhill in the form of quality and they have never again been as great as There’s Something About Mary and the original Dumb and Dumber. In the end, Dumb and Dumber To may have some genuinely funny moments and it was nice to see Carrey and Daniels be able to recapture the silly spirit and chemistry they had in 1994 but with humor that spends too much time falling flat, this one proved that maybe a sequel wasn’t necessary…of course, it wasn’t as bad as the prequel they made.
Maybe this film is deeper than I am giving it credit for and what I'm actually watching is
what happened after Andrea on The Walking Dead died and she's in hell.

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