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Let's Be Cops

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Let’s Be Cops – 3 out of 5

Lately, thanks to the internet, it isn’t fun being a cop.  The job is already dangerous as hell and the ultimate thankless duty due to the reality that if you are a good cop and do your job right the youth of America will hate you because you pulled them over while they were drunk driving and if you are a shitty cop who feels the need to throw your weight around, harass people, and shoot unarmed black teenagers but are totes cool with white dudes walking into Walmart carrying assault rifles to buy Oreos then people are going to hate you.  So, what’s the harm of a comedy about two dudes pretending to be cops?
Also, Taco is in the it has that going for it.

"First things first...we need to learn how to plant
Ryan (Jake Johnson from New Girl) doesn’t have many prospects in his life and is busy constantly reliving his glory days from college.  Meanwhile, his best friend Justin (Damon Wayans Jr.) is stuck in hell as a game designer who is being ignored by his boss.  One day, at a costume party, the duo dress as police officers and find they are being ogled by the girls and respected by the guys.  It starts to feel right and the duo goes overboard and starts to behave like real cops and befriends a fellow (real) officer (Rob Riggle) and begins an investigation on a crime boss named Mossi (James D’Arcy).  However, the two soon find themselves in over their heads when shit gets real and they stumble upon real corruption in the local police force.
The scene where they shoot an unarmed black teen and then are foggy on
the details about what happened was a little strange.

Script writers will be the first to tell you...girls love
a man in uniform.
Let’s Be Cops starts fantastically!  Both Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. are likable, fun, and easy to get behind and cheer on their antics.  Additionally, the silly premise ends up creating a lot of strong comedy and equally strong laughs very early on.  This level is kept up throughout most of the film but ends up falling slightly when the film hits the end of the Second Act and beginning of the Third Act.  At that point, the film seems to forget it is a comedy and tries to become a straight-up crime thriller.
The look on his face says he is about to utter a catchphrase from a popular
action film series with Bruce Willis.

Even in the worst movies, Riggle is still a highlight.
The film shifts pretty drastically and starts to think of itself as a legit crime film and while this may showoff that Rob Riggle has what it takes to look like an authentic cop who is out to serve and protect, it mostly takes away from all the strong and vulgar comedy that it was succeeding with prior to this.  There’s no doubt that this film probably could have handled the story about a corrupt police force accidentally uncovered by two buffoons pretending to be cops but it handled it in a way that made the film look like it was written and filmed two different ways and the two were edited together.
I'm all in favor of anytime they want to add Keegan Michael Key to a movie.

What's not over-the-top with Wayans Jr.?  His fashion
If there was one other element that I wasn’t the biggest fan of was that, at times, Damon Wayans Jr. can be a little too over-the-top and acts too much like his father.  I’m not saying he was bad because he has some great chemistry with Jake Johnson and the two of them together were extremely funny but there were times when he turned jokes into beaten and dead horses and was too often looking like he was trying to be his father rather than be his own persona.  Still, he was very amusing and he and Jake Johnson really made the film work—even when jokes were weak or verging on unfunny, the two could make them work, even if it only meant resulting in a slight chuckle.
I also wasn't a fan of the villain Mossi...he chewed his gum with his mouth open!!!

The concept in Let’s Be Cops is simple and easy to make funny, Johnson and Wayans are very fun together, and the film has some very strong comedy working in the early parts of the film.  Sadly, the abrupt shift in tone and jokes that start to get less and less funny as the film progresses makes the film end up ending weaker than it started.  It’s not a bad film and it has some great moments that illicit many hearty laughs but the reality is it could have been a lot funnier with a more cohesive tone.

Let's end this review with a good gander at Andy Garcia's immaculately trimmed goatee.

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