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Tammy – 2 out of 5

I like Melissa McCarthy (which I stated in my Disclaimer) but there was something about the trailers for Tammy that really didn’t make me feel like I needed to rush out and see the film.  Now, after watching it, I realized that I made the right choice.

Tammy's robbery or a screen shot from The Asylum's version of The Purge?
He's trying to send her to Hell with his mind, isn't he?
Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) is down on her luck.  She got fired from her job at a fast food joint, her car is wrecked from an accident with a deer, and she comes home to find her husband (Nat Faxon) having a romantic meal with the neighbor (Toni Collette).  Tammy decides to say “eff that noise” and resolves to leave the town behind her.  However, after a visit to her mother’s, Tammy ends up taking her grandmother Pearl (Susan Sarandon) with her and they decide to go and give Niagara Fall’s a gander.  Along the way, Pearl hooks up with a random guy she meets at the bar (Gary Cole), Tammy meets a quiet man named Bobby (Mark Duplass), Tammy ends up destroying a jet ski, parties with a lovely lesbian couple (Kathy Bates and Sandra Oh) for the Fourth of July, she robs a fast food joint to get bail money for her grandma (Pearl gets arrested, by the way), and Pearl and Tammy end up learning a little more about each other.

What a waste...Tom Green would already be humping this thing and half the cast of
Jackass would already have it eaten most of it and started peeing on the rest of it...
Was the dance really for comedic purposes or just
to eat up time?
Tammy has its moments that are amusing but it never gets as funny as other works that Melissa McCarthy has been a part of.  A lot of the humor is just Tammy being stupid or clumsy and McCarthy dancing to the latest Top 40 hit.  I’m not entirely sure why Tammy had to dance, throw up gang symbols, and do The Robot before she went into the hamburger joint to rob them but it really didn’t bring much in the form of comedy…probably because that was the trailer to the film—and so was the ensuing robbery.  Which, actually, is a very small part of the movie and really didn’t have much to play in the story until the end?  And that brings up my next complaint…

"I'll swallow your soul!"
I like Mark Duplass but I can't be the only one who
thinks he looks like Sam Eagle from The Muppets.
Tammy feels like it has no idea what it wants to be or even what it wants to have as its story.  The trailer made the film look like a heist/getaway comedy where Melissa McCarthy robs a wannabe McDonald’s and is on the run with her grandma and that was what I was expecting from the film but the final product is a blended mashup of repetitive comedy and shoehorned drama with no real set direction.  I can get behind a movie about a girl having a terrible day and deciding to flee with her grandma for a road trip comedy but the film feels like it forgets it is about two people trying to get to the Falls and just inserts random sequences of a girl and her grandma.  Meeting Gary Cole and Mark Duplass’ characters, getting arrested, the lesbian Fourth of July, the robbery…all of this feels completely slapped together and none of it really feels connected to the journey to Niagara Falls.  Ultimate the destination and Mark Duplass’ character come into play at the end but while the story is running on its rails, it feels like it has no clue where the path is taking it.

"Yeah, if I could just drink this beer, that'll be great.  Thanks."
I like Melissa McCarthy and find her very funny.  She stole the show in Bridesmaids, had a great scene in This is 40, and was a lot of fun with Sandra Bullock in The Heat.  However, in Tammy as Tammy, McCarthy lacks the charm and timing that she’s proven she can bring.  Matters aren’t helped by the piss-poor material of the script and story—which, sadly, was written by her and her husband; the director of this film, Ben Falcone.  In the past, McCarthy has played the foul-mouth miscreant nicely but this time around she is a swearing, uneducated, and very clumsy buffoon and it just didn’t come off as amusing or natural for her.  McCarthy is naturally endearing for me and there’s a charm about her that I find adorable but Tammy was a character that had little likable about her and it served more as a disservice to have McCarthy portray her.

I like to imagine the screeching of a Pterodactyl is currently coming out of
her mouth.
For some reason, I think only Kathy Bates can pull
off the Easter colored shirt with a fucking skull ring.
The movie didn’t end up a total waste of my time because it does have an occasional amusing moment, Susan Sarandon was very good in it (although she kinda looked like my aunt and that freaked me out a little), Kathy Bates has a great few scenes, and the budding romance between Melissa McCarthy and Mark Duplass was actually one of the best things about the film because it was sweet, tender, and came off less like a typical romcom and more like a legit romance forming in real life.  However, the story is very sloppy, a lot of great actors are wasted on bit parts (like Nat Faxon and Toni Collette), and Dan Aykroyd shows up at the end of the film as Tammy’s dad with no real indication that the character’s father ever really had a part to play in the story or even existed beyond the inescapable truth that a sperm donor in some definition of the word had to exist in order to create Tammy.

Smile or hoping the people around you can't hear you are passing gas?
Writer's Block 404:  Caption Not Found.
Tammy had the potential to be a decent or great comedy thanks to the fact that two very funny people were responsible for it—both McCarthy and her husband Falcone wrote it and Falcone directed it, as well.  However, it was their first film they wrote and created together and the sloppiness of the characters and story show that.  It has a few moments that make it watchable but not enough to make it an average-worthy film or something that is middle-of-the-road.

Hmmm...Lesbian Fourth of July parties seem pretty awesome!

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