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Son of Batman

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Son of Batman – 3 out of 5

Despite a theory that Batman is gay (tell that one to a fanboy and watch the freak out), there was a storyline in the comics in 2006 that involved Bats and Talia al Ghul having a little Robin. Son of Batman is the very loose adaptation of that story arc and, as painful as it is for me to admit that something Batman did wasn’t absolutely astounding, the film might be one of the worst animated films from DC—and, not to mention, that it is painful to say this too because they are the best when it comes to animated features.

At what point do you just give up and sell the damn arrow-
shooting gatling gun for one that shoots bullets?
Among the League of Assassins, Ra’s al Ghul is betrayed by his original choice for successor; Slade Wilson (voiced by Thomas Gibson) and left for dead before he can make it to the Lazarus Pits. In order to protect her son Damian (Stuart Allan), Talia al Ghul (Morena Baccarin) takes him to be with his father; Batman (Jason O’Mara). While the Dark Knight is left to take care of his brash, bratty and annoying son, he stumbles upon a plot involving Slade—now called Deathstroke—and an army of unbeatable assassins. Now Batman must team with his son to stop the threat and groom the child to be the new Robin.

Suddenly Carrie Kelley isn't such a shitty Robin anymore.

The violence is hardcore in this one but, with as unlikeable as
Damian is, I still can't bring myself to cheer too loudly when
this happened.
I say it in every DC film I review but the animation studio really knows how to adapt the best storylines from the comic company. They really know how to capture the characters and the action and they do it with style, flair and some amazing animation.  Another thing is the films are always filled with superior and very exciting action.  This one is no different and it even goes a step further by not watering down the action and refraining from including blood and nasty violence. While Son of Batman looks good and is acted by a great cast of actors (and is violent...don't forget the violence), I just couldn’t get into the film because of an unappealing story.

"My plan is simple..."

"Mmmf fffrrrmple mmmffthhhh."

Batman won't kill his enemies but he will, for the future,
question his stance on the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice debate.
The heart of the problems comes in the fact that Damian is a little turd of a human being. Despite being trained to be a lethal killer, he comes off as a spoiled brat. Naturally, this is expected in a story such as this (if Batman and his estranged son hit it off instantaneously and gelled the moment they started to work together, there wouldn’t have been much of a story, would there have been?) but the film never gets that moment right where the two connect and Damian learns to not be a little unlikeable shit. Sure, Damian is able to get his revenge for the death of his Grandpa but never does Batman’s way of crime-fighting rub off.

"Talia...are you sure he's mine?  This kid's a psycho...and that is coming from
a guy who fights crime dressed as a bat."

Is being a little less focused on something like killing the dude who killed your grandparent make you suddenly get along better with your dad? Because that’s what happened in the film and it felt like a cop-out that completely took for granted the limitless potential of Batman coming to terms with being a dad and setting his son on the straight and narrow path of justice and not vengeance. Instead, the film ends with Damian getting his revenge and all tension between the two is worked out. It felt really sloppy and not Batman-worthy.

Hanging out with his real son and Nightwing makes Batman wonder if there is
a returns policy for children.

Plus, the sexual tension between Killer Croc and Batman
was hard to deal with...
The film also suffers from some very piss-poor dialogue that, sadly, matches the bad conflict resolution. For example, when Talia first arrives in Gotham, Batman is fighting Killer Croc (who is jacked on an experimental drug) and Croc comments to Batman that steroids give him the munchies and then proceeds to try and eat his face. Now, that alone is pretty bad but it gets worse as Talia subdues Croc and then informs Batman that only she is allowed to bite him. I get it, movie. Talia and Batman banged nasties to get Damian but you couldn’t have come up with a better sexy innuendo?

"Cod piece don't fail me now..."

While the film continues to keep the streak alive of having great voice acting and the action is very exciting, the film suffers from just an all-around weak story and dialogue that would make even the worst comic books shutter and cringe. Yes, the animation in Son of Batman is fantastic but the overall product was painfully average.

Good ninja costume, Talia...I'm sure your son feels completely comfortable around
you when you wear it.

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