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The Wolf of Wall Street

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The Wolf of Wall Street – 5 out of 5

The moment I saw the trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street—wait, what trailer you ask? Why this one!

I’m not a fan of Kanye West but that song fits so well and the trailer is edited so amazingly. Anyway, the moment I saw that, I knew I wanted to see the film but since I’m reluctant to spend money on a theater ticket on any movie that has the potential to not keep me entertained the entire time for my dollar (and also has a three hour running time—I have a small bladder), I waited till it hit Blu-Ray and DVD. However, even then, I was busy with life (mostly moving into a new place and trying to fight off the angry spirits that were residing in the walls) and it took some time for me to finally sit down with the film. After doing so, I really regret not forcing free three hours of my time to watch this one sooner.

"Can you dig it?"

Totally real looking background behind him and in, no way, green
screen looking.
Based on the memoir of the same name from famed Wall Street money man/con artist, the movie tells the story of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) and how he went from a money hungry, wide-eyed boy who wished to own all the money on Wall Street to a guy who scammed his way to the top where he basically owned all the money on Wall Street. Along with his partner-in-crime Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill), Belfort slashes a path through the decades and leaves a trail of decadence, loose ethics, moral ambiguity, drugs and hookers. And it looked like it was a complete blast!

"Ha ha I'm going to bring you down, motherfucker." that the guy from the Arby's commercials?
Even though the film depicts despicable people doing very unethical things all in the pursuit of money and then using that excessive piles of money to do awful things like copious amounts of drugs and boink hookers behind their wives’ backs, the film is ridiculously entertaining and hilarious in its presentation. Director Martin Scorsese perfectly delivers a film about excess to the tenth degree and nails every visual punch line the film has within its long running length. Furthermore, Scorsese perfectly utilizes an overused trope and uses it to make the film suck you in. How does he do this? By breaking the fourth wall and having DiCaprio as Belfort speak directly to the audience and narrate portions of the film. And I don’t mean that DiCaprio is just speaking like he is God and isn’t anywhere to be seen, I mean he literally is making eye contact with you and speaking to you as if you were standing in front of him while the action plays out around him. Sure, this dynamic has been seen before but it worked so well for The Wolf of Wall Street. The end result is a film that is easy to engage in, delightfully wicked with its language and overwhelming gratuitous nature, and it all culminates in a product that doesn’t feel as long as it is.

Man, just looking at Margot Robbie as Belfort's wife Naomi and I feel like my checkbook
is already depleting.

To think, he was once this man.
Other being incredibly hilarious and just outrageous with its near insanity that Belfort and his cohorts underwent in their journey to be the kings of Wall Street, the film is tremendously acted by an insanely talented bunch of actors. DiCaprio is, without actually having the need to say it, amazing and was completely robbed (once again) by not winning for this role. Right next to him, and keeping pace without losing a single step, is Jonah Hill proving that he keeps maturing as an actor and shows that there may not be a single role he can’t play. Honestly, the chemistry between Hill and DiCaprio was one of the film’s strongest aspects in the cast department.

I'm just guessing that the Academy is just jealous, they're probably just jealous.

"That's a spicy alright, alright, alright."

Okay, I admit...I ran out of ideas when I got to that caption.
The rest of the cast is all filled with actors who felt like they were engineered in a lab specifically for their role. Even the smallest part felt like it was filled with an actor that couldn’t have been played by anyone else. Whether it be the guy who helps Belfort on his way to his multi-millions; Mark Hanna played by Matthew McConaughey or the FBI agent out for Belfort’s head; Agent Patrick Denham (Kyle Chandler), each actor really delivered and were incredible entertaining. Honestly, the cast was so large—like you had Margot Robbie as Naomi, Belfort’s seductive wife, Rob Reiner as Belfort’s Dad and even Jon Bernthal and Jon Favreau come up in the cast (and that’s not even mentioning the loads of others who were intricate in Belfort’s story)—and each and every single one of these actors really nails their role that, even if their role seemed small and insignificant on the surface, they all had their part to play to make this story amazing and the humor within it very satisfying. Not a single member of the cast felt out of place to me for this one and it is, without a doubt, one of the best things about this movie.

May Jon Bernthal's career be vast and long-lasting. Seriously, he deserves it.

Spike Jonze was in the film...seen here looking like he belongs
in the Beastie Boy video he directed.  You know which
The story of Belfort’s rise to mega-fortunes is one of debauchery and completely vile behavior…but it sure is fun to watch. This movie can easily—EASILY—offend all sorts of viewers with its general story about a greasy douche making millions off of gullible people just trying to make ends meet but its Fuck-bomb heavy story, tons of boobies and butts (and a penis, too) and even an appearance by a chimpanzee that was in a single shot on roller skates has the ability to offend—wait, what did I just say? People were pissed because a chimp was in the film for a sequence that lasted less than 30 seconds? Yep, animal rights activists, including PETA, took time off from ignoring the fact that PETA (yep, they ignored themselves) will routinely rescue animals only to murder them back at their headquarters and then head back out to protest humane societies for euthanizing animals, to get all uptight about a monkey being in this film. So, at the end of it all, this film really has the capacity to offend nearly everyone. Drug addicts can hate how the film seemingly glorifies cocaine, or women can be offended how Belfort and his crew see women as only housing units for their dicks when their not in use for measuring contests, and the uptight will pass-out from the almost never ending use of the word “fuck.” However, just like the guys in the story, these elements (well, maybe not the monkey) are used for the sole purpose of excess and, even though they all are meant to offend, it is their ridiculous use that makes them have a purpose and helps make this an entertaining and funny film.

Look at those monsters treating that animal so terribly...wait, they are treating it with more
respect than PETA treats those who have differences of opinion with them.

One complaint I don't have...those purple suspenders.
If there was one complaint I have about the film, it would be the fact that the passage of time isn’t carried out very well. The film will go from one scene to the next and, occasionally, it meant we were jumping into a new decade and, often, this is only decipherable thanks to the soundtrack (which was incredible, by the way). While this element helps sell the blur that Belfort’s life was thanks to his endless pursuits of money, narcotics and expensive women, it did make the film a little (very little) chaotic but, nevertheless, still incredibly entertaining and a blast to watch.

I'm not a Wall Street type but I am liking the parties they throw.

The Wolf of Wall Street is a hilarious, almost loving rendition of a man whose obsession with being the best and richest lead him down a life that would kill weaker mortals. Is Belfort represented as a hero in the film? Kinda. Did that make the film anything less than entertaining? Fuck no!


  1. Martin Scorsese is a master filmmaker and when he gets it right, it's a cinematic treat. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort, a man who made a lot of money hustling illegal financial deals. He worked hard and played full tilt: copious drugs, profuse sex and unlimited arrogance. This film is chocked full of greed, excess and amazing directorial touches. The cast of ferocious characters is crammed with memorable performances. At three hours, it never lags, but just keeps entertaining, amusing and exploding with energy. Scorsese at the top of his game.
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  2. It’s definitely something you need to see to know that entitled assholes like Belfort get away with minor jail time while others are branded criminals and rot in prison for far lesser offenses.

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