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Best Night Ever

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Best Night Ever – 0 out of 5

While it’s entirely possible for a “found footage” film to be unique, creative and capable of pushing new paradigms in the world of cinema, it’s still the go-to subgenre for the easy, quick-fix/hopefully big return movie. While there’s examples of filmmakers utilizing this formula to really make the viewer immersed in the activities and really bring the film to life, there’s also those two assholes who make the awful parody films that have titles that always end with “Movie” and they decided use this as an attempt to make a cheap party film that loves to steal its jokes from more popular (and better produced) films while blasting a soundtrack of dollar store sound-alike club hits. Seriously, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer need to be brought up on charges for crimes against movies.

I was actually surprised that this shot didn't end with a bird shitting in her mouth.
Friedberg and Seltzer must have been having an off day.

"Yes, I'll record everything because that's totes norm and,
even cooler, I will be able to keep everything in frame--
even while intoxicated--and there will be times where there will
be clearly a second camera but, amazingly, it's still all being
filmed from this single camera.  I'm excellent at catching
reaction shots with a single camera without stopping the
So, the setup is exactly as you would expect because Friedberg and Seltzer are incapable of coming up with something original…Claire (Desiree Hall) is getting married and wants to have a bachelorette party in Las Vegas (Wow! What a setup to a wacky adventure!). She brings along the usual cohorts of party movie tropes. She has the her bestie Zoe (Eddie Ritchard) who decides she’s going to film every second of the trip because that’s what people do in real life and also it cuts down on cameramen costs, the typical rich girl; Leslie (Samantha Colburn), who, after the beer shits hit the fan, learns she needs to let go once and awhile and just have fun, and, finally, there’s the girl who is the combined dumb one/whore-ish one/just looking to let loose and have a ball party animal one (whatever the story needs her to be); Janet (Crista Flanagan), and, together, they set off to have cliché fun in predictable fashion in Las Vegas. There’s some jello wrestling, lots of drinks, some light mugging and a whole lot—it bears repeating and capitalization—A WHOLE LOT of mindless musical montages (because story and plot are hard).

"I'm getting married...and that's the end of my personality traits for the film."

Normally, I avoid anything made by Friedberg and Seltzer and avoid it like it was composed of a flesh eating virus, a whole host of STDs, and my ex-girlfriends but a friend of mine and contributing writer to a website that I occasionally will do reviews for (…visit them…now!) dared me to sit through this film and watch it. Well, Chris, I took your dare and I sat through Best Night Ever without weeping for humanity and fearing my sense of humor would die and never return…however, I still think Friedberg and Seltzer need to be brought up on criminal charges—not because of this film but because of their entire body of work.

The look of an actress who just realized she said yes to the wrong directors.

Like all their previous films, Best Night Ever barely has a story but, and this is almost a positive for this otherwise crappy film, the one isn’t just a pointless collection of poorly thought out parodies and juvenile satire that basically culminates in dick and fart jokes or a random collection of uninspired pop culture references that are already dated before the film hits its release date. Instead, Best Night Ever is just a random collection of pointless scenes of partying under no real umbrella of plot and is basically held together on the very thin premise that it’s a bachelorette party. This film basically jumps—often thanks to convenient disruption from the camera—from one scene to the next with very little character development or even depth to the story added. 

Once again, shocked that Friedberg and Seltzer didn't go for a Parish Hilton sex tape
gag here.  But, don't worry, they made up for more obvious jokes elsewhere in the film.

Sure, the film will give you a tidbit about how the rich chick Leslie is going through a divorce and Claire may be having some cold feet and Janet needs to break out because family life has her down and Zoe is…well…there but these bits of character back story are thrown in as an afterthought (because we don’t want to see Friedberg and Seltzer actually make a movie with too much depth, do we?) and the true heart of the matter is foregoing anything that remotely looks like story and just go for the quick time-filler of having music video-like sequences of the girls having fun set to bad club hits meant to sound like the bad club hits that are actually played on the radio (because it’s cheaper to have a knock off that was probably downloaded off a free use website). I’m fairly certain Friedberg and Seltzer said that this dynamic will eat up at least 4 to 5 minutes of screen time at a time and, at that rate, they will fill an hour and half in a flash and without having to concern themselves with making a film that actually contains those challenging things like story, plot, character and conflict.

Take one wild guess who the rich, uptight one is.

They're talking about the film but what you can't tell is they
are being sarcastic.  If only there was a sarcasm font.
It should go without saying but Best Night Ever is not funny (and the critics who started their reviews with “Best Night Ever? More like Worst Night Ever,” is significantly less funny). The entire film feels entirely devoid of humor that I began to question if what I’m watching was really supposed to be funny or if Friedberg and Seltzer are really just that shitty of writers that if they can’t poorly spoof a film using jokes they steal from the internet that they become lost and just say, “Cut to the next musical montage.” Then, when the musical montage produces nothing remotely amusing, humorous or even slightly chuckle-inducing, the film blatantly steals jokes from every party film ever made and even a gag from Borat…only this time it’s a full nude man and a fat black woman running around and fighting in their skin suits in a hotel.

Oh look, someone shitting on someone's face.  There's the lame humor from Friedberg
and Seltzer we know...the silence that follows is also very familiar.

A film like The Hangover made the whole concept of partying and suffering in Las Vegas to be amusing because you had fun characters and the journey was interesting. Too often, party films lack this dynamic and give you characters that are completely unlikeable or entirely uninteresting. This film brought in characters that weren’t that enthralling and so little is told about their story that you just don’t give a shit about what they are going through. Most of the characters are vicious stereotypes from films of this ilk and don’t do much to go beyond the one-dimension, cookie-cutter mold they come from. Claire is just the bride-to-be and nothing more, Leslie is the rich uptight girl who lets loose after booze, drugs and sex come into the equation and Janet is basically the blank canvas that the artists (and I use that word very, very loosely) Friedberg and Seltzer can paint to be whatever they want whenever they need it…and Zoe is just there with no real defining characteristics. When the story needs a dumb character, they make Janet be that one. When the story needs a girl to act like a hormone driven Frat guy (but as a woman), they make Janet be that part. When they need an inappropriate character to shock the monocle off of Leslie, you bet it’s Janet. However, can you really expect anything but this lazy of writing from the guys who gave us Meet the Spartans?

Say what you will about the filmmakers but the guys like to throw in metaphors and imagery of
the awful trauma associated with watching their films feels like.

Best Night Ever is just another example of terrible filmmaking from two men who clearly sold their souls to the devil in order to pollute the world with juvenile, sophomoric unfunny comedies that, which each passing film, kills the world’s collective sense of humor just a little bit. The film isn’t interesting, the characters are devoid of any real purpose or even contain a single need or desire to watch their shenanigans, and the film is truly and entirely unfunny and to the point I can’t even tell if an attempt was made to try some jokes or not.

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  1. And Rob Schneider wasn't in it? Bad crap movies are being taken to a whole new level!


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