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Delivery Man

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Delivery Man – 4 out of 5

I’ve never seen the Canadian film Starbuck because I never heard of it until it was remade into Delivery Man and was brought to the States with Vince Vaughn attached. Granted, I had plenty of time to watch the original before this but I just didn’t bother because I wasn’t that interested in seeing this one. The only reason I watched it was because my girlfriend wanted to see it. After sitting through it, I have to say the film was much different than I expected.  Also, having Chris Pratt in the film didn't hurt my giving in to watching it.

Chubby Chris Pratt wears a suit better than I do.

Vince Vaughn is David and is the usual Vince Vaughn character. He’s a bit of a slacker, has all sorts of trouble in his life like debt, childish behavior and an inability to commit but none of them are like the trouble that comes with finding out you are the biological father to several hundred people. In an effort to make money years prior, David donated sperm under the anonymous identity of Starbuck and the sperm back screwed up royal by using his donations too often and with way too many people. Now, the children are banding together and seeking legal action in order to meet their biological daddy. David’s friend Brett (Chris Pratt) seeks to defend him in court and make sure his secret isn’t exposed but, since it is a Vince Vaughn character, deep down he’s a really good guy. So, against Brett’s wishes, he secretly starts meeting with his kids (keeping his identity hush-hush) and starts to bond with them…and he starts to question if he should come clean or not (and that phrase sounds super dirty when you are talking about a sperm donor).

Insert your own joke about beating your meat.

Watching the commercials for this movie, it looked like a wacky comedy about Vince Vaughn’s dangerous sperm donation habit coming to bite him in the ass…and it starts like that to an extent. The film is definitely a comedy but I was surprised by how serious the film is as well and how dramatic it gets. 

Somewhere in the vast reaches of the internet, someone is writing fan fiction that combines
this film with Wedding Crashers...and it's as horrifying as you would imagine it to be.

When this movie is funny, it’s very funny—especially Chris Pratt. I honestly wanted to see more of his character because Number One) the character was hilarious and Number Two) Chris Pratt is very talented and I want to be best friends with him…think about it, Pratt. We could order pizzas, play "Battleship" and build pillow forts before we tell each other spooky stories while we hold flash lights under our chins in order to get that scary “ghost-story” face.

It'd be like this, Chris...only with pizza and we can dig out my old NES and play that
track and field game on the Power Pad!

When this film is touching and dramatic, it’s very touching and dramatic. Vince Vaughn does a tremendous job of playing a man who wants to do the right thing and be a positive influence in these kids’ lives. You really see him grow up as a man in the film; you really can feel the change as he goes from a man who has never thought about the consequences of his actions and goes towards becoming a man in charge of his life. And, on top of that, he really is capable of bringing in some very amusing moments that venture away from the usual Vince Vaughn tropes we see in his comedies (although, for VV fans, many of those tropes are still there).

Deep down, he will always be the same Vaughn...and, sometimes, that's okay.

Remember when Vaughn was in The Lost World and the
remake?  Well, now you do.
The only problem with this dynamic is the film tends to be very jarring as it will go from wacky comedy to ├╝ber-serious. No joke, the film goes from funny set-up to a life-or-death situation involving a drug overdoes in a matter of a heartbeat. Then, after the serious change, it will go to a comedy again and then to a heart-warming family affair. The film is all over the place with its story and it feels like it can’t decide on what genre it wants to be in or if it can adequately blend the genres together. While this can be distracting, the comedy and the drama are done so well and are so funny and touching that this sloppy approach didn’t hinder my entertainment I received from the film. In fact, this might go down as one of my favorite Vaughn films because we get to see a very well done dramatic side to him…however, Old School will still remain my all-time favorite. Nothing can compete with that, in my opinion.

Not even Dodgeball, sir!

David's character falling off the high dive had a bigger part
to play in the plot than David owing goons money.
The only other thing I didn’t care for in the film was a subplot that involved David owing money to some angry, kneecap breaking type of people. This element is established and barely mentioned throughout the entire film and it did nothing for the film’s story. It had no real play in David’s inner turmoil of trying to be a good guy to these kids and wrestling with his decision to reveal who he is to them and it, ultimately, just felt completely pointless. It was easy to forget this unnecessary plot point and it actually looks like writer/director Ken Scott (who did the original) did too.

Literally no point to this subplot whatsoever.

Delivery Man may feel sloppy as it can’t quite balance the drama and comedy and it has a plot element that has absolutely no reason whatsoever hanging around but I found all the funny parts funny, the dramatic parts dramatic and all the heartwarming stuff to be very touching. Am I being too generous giving it a 4 out of 5?  Maybe but it could have been a lot worse…Owen Wilson could have been playing Chris Pratt’s part.

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