Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Dangers Called the Internet!

No, this isn't a review of a movie about the Internet coming to life and murdering someone (although, I think I need to write a script once I'm finished with this).  Instead, I'm taking a drastic detour to showcase an amazing exchange that just took place today when a man, so incited by anger over my review of The Amityville Curse and the fact that the sheer act of watching it instantly makes me the dumbest man in all of existence to the point he, literally, had to email me to inform me of this and call me fat.

Like all hate I receive on the Internet, I took it with a grain of salt because if this man was that angry to feel the need to insult me over my little blog, there are probably other problem areas in his life and he has some issues he is dealing with.  So, normally, I just have a little fun with them by requesting we become friends and move on but I had to take a drastic turn around on my blog and not talk about what movie I just watched and, instead, show this exchange that took place.  I took the time to screencap it...(just click on it to see a larger view of it, but you knew that because you're so smart!)

As you can see, the fact I read the Star Wars novels and perform comedy in the Midwest just pisses him off...but not as
much as frozen yogurt.  But I'm glad to know I am not "amoron."  Which is french for something, I think.

Also, because he's never seen me perform or heard of me because I'm not a famous comic on Comedy Central, that means
no one has heard of me.  If David hasn't heard of you, NO ONE has. Also, I'm sorry for being everything that is wrong with
this country.
And then he gets racist at the end because he is a product of the Internet, after all.

Normally, I wouldn't take the time to post an entry on this and would just move on to my next movie review but, thanks to a recommendation from a friend and the fact that this man has some serious anger issues he needs to work out, I decided I would take a break from the reviews and post this.

The greatest and the worst thing about the Internet is that it gives us all a voice.  For better or worse, the Internet gives us the opportunity to share what we thought about certain television shows, movies, music, what's happening in the news or, even better, an opportunity to create humorous web comics, essays on how great peanut butter and jelly or a million other pieces of creativity that liters the world wide web.  There's no way we're all going to agree on everything and difference of opinions will exist.  There's nothing wrong with that--in fact, variety is the spice of life and differences of opinion create for moments of discussion; however, the worst  is when people take these opportunities of disagreement and act like an angry asshole or like they just have a stick up their ass and need to insult someone because it relieves the pain in their life.

I'm not out to win a popularity contest with my blog, I just want to talk about movies.  One of David's many gripes, aside from my weight (which just makes his blood boil...and Mexicans, he apparently hates them, too, as he showed in his last email), is the fact that my blog doesn't have a lot of followers or many comments.  This actually confuses me because he declares I'm an idiot and, if I'm an idiot to him, wouldn't he be happy that I don't have a hugely popular blog?  That would mean my reviews are not hitting a lot of people and not spreading my apparent idiotic ideas and viewpoints, but this man's anger isn't rational.  However, I can't help but feel slightly honored by illicit such needless aggression from a random stranger.  He said no one reads my blog and no one cares but I sure dominated his thoughts enough that he had to email me.  If that's not love...

Anyway, I'll let you guys know how laser tag went.

UPDATE:  I decided to do a little more research on the man and found out he was actually in The Amityville Curse and is upset because I thought his acting was pretentious and the character he played annoying.  Talk about being able to take criticism.  I guess there's a reason he hasn't worked since 1991.


  1. I love you, Ron! I want to play lazer tag, too!

  2. Was it David Stein from the movie?

    1. At first I just thought it was a random dude because David Stein is not a name that jumps out at me for actors and I did my review of "The Amityville Curse" a long while ago but after writing up this post, I went to IMDb and looked at the casting list and it was the guy from the film. I guess he can't take criticism.

    2. No, apparently not! This is what happens when you Google yourself and haven't created anything in a long time.

    3. I'm guessing he was prone to outbursts like this in his short career. It's just a guess but if some nobody like me can set him off by calling his character annoying, I would hate to see what he said to a director that told him to adjust his performance.


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