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InAPPropriate Comedy

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InAPPropriate Comedy – 0 out of 5

In my review of Movie 43, I stated that I felt the film was very hit or miss. The collection of skits ran the spectrum of being truly, honestly hilarious and painfully bad—making sure to hit every conceivable spot in-between, as well. Granted, this is sort of expected when it comes to sketch anthology films like this and pretty much has been that way since they have first been made. However, InAPPropriate Comedy came along and decided to destroy this common practice and make a film that is, arguably, the most painful thing I’ve ever sat through.

I'm assuming copious amounts of cocaine is the reason
for bringing in the freakin' ShamWow guy.
The film centers around a dude (played by the hooker-punching ShamWow guy, no less) who is fiddling with a tablet filled with apps. Each app is a different skit—get it? In-APP-ropriate Comedy! Yep, that’s the level of wit and humor you are dealing with in this one. Shit, the lame pun alone in this film is almost enough to warrant a score of 2 but the film decided to keep going and each skit is worse than the last. Skits deal with a porno review podcast starring Rob “I can’t get any work because of Democrats and their regulations stop me from selling potentially harmful vitamins” Schneider, a blaxploitation Jackass parody “cleverly” titled Blackass and a reoccurring skit that ultimate made this film the worst thing in all of existence: Ari Shaffir’s infinitely unfunny series called "The Amazing Racist."

He can blame Democrats all he wants for the reason he isn't getting any callbacks
but has he ever even watched his movies?

InAPPropriate Comedy is one of the worst comedies I have ever sat through in my life. For example, the film starts with a poorly constructed parody of 127 Hours that culminates in something I think can’t even legally be called a punch line and the skit just lazily stops before it really felt like it even started to go…and it just goes downhill from there. 

The title of this parody is, I assume, "Eh, why bother trying?"

I couldn’t even laugh once at the childish, racist and, often, mean-spirited attempts at jokes this film was crafting. Vulgarity and offensive humor can work if there’s a point to them and are providing some form of insight on the subject that are lampooning but offensive just to be offensive isn’t funny to me and that’s what the film was built upon. The film is an hour and a half long stand up routine by a comedian who can’t write decent material and decides to just say “fuck” as much as possible and tell some rape jokes because he thought that doing so would make him “edgy” and, therefore, funny.  I fully realize the intent of this film is to offend but, at the very least, they could have added some actual humor to would have probably hid how lazy the production was.

Even thought Bad Grandpa is in the theaters, it needs to be reminded that they
are parodying a movie that came out 11 years ago.

All the skits in this film have nothing to say and no point to them. Comedy, in its most basic forms, is a type of commentary on the world we live in. Comedians observe and report on the world and look at it through a humor lens. This film is just a collection of poorly written and thought out ideas that feel like they are YouTube comments come to life. Every skit is a thin premise that usually is a foundation of something offensive and they are never built upon. They just stick with that one offensive joke (that is, usually, not funny to begin with) and they beat this joke like a horse that was already beaten to death years ago. For example, Adrien Brody is in the film (because of gambling debts, I assume) and he is in a reoccurring skit called “Flirty Harry” and it is a never ending string of gay innuendos shoe-horned into a Dirty Harry spoof. The innuendos are obvious and nothing new but they never end. They just keep this one gag going over and over again for minutes on end and, by the time the skit is over, the already unfunny joke is a bloody pulp on the ground begging to be released from its torment and asking for death…kinda like how I felt watching this piece of shit. 

Suddenly, King Kong doesn't seem like the biggest mistake in Brody's career.

These jokes are beaten-to-death material being beaten to death a second time in a cheap, lazy comedy and that pretty much sums it all up. It would almost be Meta if it wasn’t so damn obvious that the production just didn’t give a fuck.

This is most evident in Shaffir’s agonizingly unfunny "Amazing Racist" skits—which the film contains way too many of (to be honest, every single one of them is too many). There’s no point to these or even jokes in these skits other than being totally racist and containing another lame play on words titling these sketches. It doesn’t feel like he’s poking fun at racism, it just feels likes he’s being racist and he does it ad nauseam with never ending stereotypes that are only funny to truly racist people. He provides a skit with a driving instructor trying to make Asian drivers drive less "Asian," he goes to a Jewish market to try and get the shoppers to apologize for killing Jesus and he does it by talking about how big their noses are—he even offers up coupons for a rhinoplasty and doing so make a buttload of sense because he’s a priest in this skit—and he even pulls out the tired gag about how they control the media, then, additionally, he provides a skit where he’s offering free boat rides to Africa for African Americans. Each skit is way too long and is just him reiterating stereotypes that you hear from your Conservative uncle every holiday—and there's no hint of satire in them so you can see how Shaffir’s comments sound more like true racism than actually trying to make fun of racism. There’s nothing over-the-top about these skits; it just looks like a racist asshole being a racist asshole. 

Maybe Shaffir just forgot what year it was...or he's just a racist dick.

The only redeeming factor of sitting through these awkward, horribly embarrassing failures at trying to be humorous is that you get to see Shaffir get his ass kicked by a guy during his boat trip prank…and then he has the nerve to act surprise that his terrible joke that didn’t look like a joke and wasn’t funny ended up looking like legit racism and he got his ass handed to him for it.

The best moment of the movie.

I'll just assume she's watching a reel of her acting.
Seeing Shaffir get his ass kicked was the ONLY thing that made the film watchable—shocking I know, when you consider that such powerhouses of comedic talent and acting prowess performers like Rob Schneider, Michelle Rodriquez and Lindsay Lohan are in it (and don't forget that Adrien Brody is in the film because his career is clearly over). However, this little delight comes in far too late in the film for it to make me change the score. Also, apparently, Ari Shaffir is a working stand up comedian who actually, to my surprise after watching this, gets booked to perform at clubs. I’ve never see his stand up but if it is even remotely like his inability to write a decently funny skit, I don’t think I’ll ever take the time to watch his stuff.

The ShamWow guy, Rob Schneider and Lindsay Lohan in one movie...
it's a miracle the universe didn't just commit suicide.

InAPPropriate Comedy was just a waste of time for me and, I think, a waste to even exist. To think, the money used to make this hacky film could have gone to cancer research. Fuck, buying underage kids beer and contributing to their juvenile delinquency would prove to be a better use of the money used to make this film—if anything, the beer would stop them from watching the movie. This film is so bad it makes Adam Sandler films watchable by comparison. This movie is more painful to endure than passing a kidney stone the size of a Buick and the only joke this film had was the audacity the filmmakers displayed to even use the word “comedy” in the title.  I'm sure there's a audience for this film just doesn't include me.

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